Technology is Solid, but not impressed with customer service...


    I have been a Big Red customer for over 10 years, and made the decision to switch last week to T-Mobile due to a friends recommendation.  I did some research on my own prior to coming in, and made the decision to switch.   I was doing a promotion called "Get Out of the Red" where I was able to bring over two iPhone 7 Plus phones and I would be reimbursed the amount of the remaining equipment installment plan, as long as I was on the TMobile One Plus plan. I even decided to add a 3rd line for my son and purchased a new phone when we were in the store.


    The salesman took screen shots of all of my Verizon information prior to porting the numbers over.  He attempted to do the submission of the documentation on the site, and one of the two phones appeared, and has already been approved for the payoff amount.   However, the second phone number does not display for submission.   He attempted to call another department, and was not able to get it resolved.  By this time, it had been about 2 hours.  While on the phone, he made note of another customer and said to another employee in the store "That's my customer from the other day," so I assumed he is paid at least in part by commission.  Soon after, he gets off the phone, tells me it could take up to 72 hours before my  number would appear to be available on the site and that I should wait and come back


    I went in a few days later, and still no change.  He called someone again, and then said it could take up to 2 hours to show up, that is was a "bug in the system".  However, I could not submit with the number of the second phone as a new submission, he was able to get them to add the phone number in, and it appeared below the approved number with no information about the phone and a $0.00 reimbursement for EIP.    It has now been over a week and there is no change.  I still do not see my number available for a new submission, only the phone that has been already available appears in the submission form drop down.   I would not have made the switch without the reimbursement on the phone EIP.  


    Calling the customer service line on the page was not helpful, just a bunch of automated recordings that tell me what I already know.    This is just another example of customer service.   The technology is fine, the speeds are reasonable, and the plan is better than what I had before.   But if I have to pay the EIM, I am not saving anything, and in fact pay more.  Its making me regret my decision to switch.

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