Costco T-Mobile are NOT allowed to notify customers of on-going BOGO promotions


    I am posting for a next door neighbor of mine who cannot speak english very well and found her self in a very bad situation with Costco, Tmobile and ATT.


    She has had a ATT account however decided to switch to T-Mobile via Costco. Instead of offering the Buy 1 get 1 Iphone 8 deal to her, Costco gave her a $300 Rebate card. After purchasing 2 Iphones for $1400 (with porting a number from ATT), I informed her of the BOGO deal in effect. She tried going back to Costco to reverse the transaction and that is when the Costco Employee admitted to knowing about the deal but did not inform her. She stated that Costco employees are not allowed to tell their customers about BOGO deals if they already are not in the know.


    Because my neighbor ported her numbers from ATT and cannot simply reverse the transaction, she is at a loss of alot of cash. I am posting this in hopes someone can resolve the situation. I feel like it i was unfair to charge someone a deal when it was clearly a huge discount going on at a time and then state it is also unable to refund and reverse the process due to a porting issue. If the manager at the costco acted with integrity from the start, this person should be gotten the BOGO deal in the first place.


    This is a 60+ aged single mother who has english as a second language and walks dogs to support her handicapped/mentally challenged son. Please help, I dont know where else to go.


    Since I am posting this on behalf of her, please contact me at Thank you.


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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta3910372. Firstly, it is so kind of you to reach out on behalf of your neighbor! You must have an awesome community!

        Honestly, I can't speak to Costco's rules because we're not privy to employee policies of third party retailers -- at least not on this level, and candidly, I'm not sure if we would be on any level -- it's valuable feedback, for sure. This may be some stipulation that Costco has because they retail for multiple carriers? There's no doubt that whatever the reason, it doesn't sound like this worked out to your neighbor's benefit.
        I removed the email address from your post because our Community is a public user forum. As such, we want to keep your info private -- and we also don't have a secure platform to look at your neighbor's account to see if there's a way to escalate this. In this situation, I'd recommend reaching out to our T-Force team with your neighbor. For legal and privacy reasons, she'll need to authorize you to speak on her behalf -- but once she does, you're more than welcome to explain the situation for her and we'll take a look and see if there are any options here. T-Force are our social media team on Twitter and Facebook; and in those channels we'll verify her information through a safe authentication link. Alternatively, our Care team also has the ability to conference an interpreter on the line to assist her in her native language, if that would be more comfortable! Really, we want to help in whatever way works best for her -- but we'll need to be able to review the account to see what options there might be.

        I'm sorry that she's in this predicament, but we definitely appreciate the time you've taken posting to our Support Community with this question and the feedback about her experience. She sounds like an awesome person, and I hope we can do something to make this right. You can find links to connect with T-Force, and the numbers to reach out to our Care team, on our Contact Us page. Thanks again for your time.


        - Marissa

        • katycomputersystems

          magenta3910372, I hate to shoot the messenger, but if this 60+ "single mom" is financially challenged she would have been much better served by a $200 phone.


          It has only been a few days, Costco has a pretty good return policy - perhaps she can return the overpriced iPhone and get something that provides the same function at much lower cost.


          This is similar to a young family buying a $50,000 Suburban when a $25,000 mini-van would work equally well for their needs.

            • barcodeable

              I have to speak up for "Poor Families"... This 60+ single mother (although she is financially challenged) has the right to spend her money on whatever she wants. It's degrading and a very ignorant perspective to expect poor people to always buy cheap clothing, cheap phones, etc.,


              And as far as the $25,000 minivan.... that $50,000 Suburban may actually be a safer vehicle for her and her family, so being told to get a cheaper vehicle due to it's low cost would be her decision to make.


              now regarding her issue... I can understand an employee not telling her about the BOGO Free offer.... lets say he did tell her about the offer by T-Mobile.... and she becomes unsatisfied with T-Mobile service.... she could then claim the Employee tricked her into buying the Phones with T-mobile.... when she truly was interested in getting a great deal with Verizon. It's not the 3rd party employees job to figure out what's best for you when they have so many other carriers they are affiliated with.... you have to decide on your own. From experience, unhappy customers always blame the messenger... if i were the employee.... I wouldn't have said anything either.


              Lets put it in this perspective.... If she went to BEST BUY to purchase a phone.... there are so many phones, phone carriers and a variety of cell phone plans available.... If the Best Buy employee told her about a promo that Verizon had going on.... she would be upset a week later when she found out T-Mobile had an even better deal.... Ultimately it's up to the customer and you can't blame an employee to tell you all the available promo's from every carrier .


              And please do not take my comment as being hateful... This is a Forum, and I am merely shedding some light on  this situation.