Cannot make calls using Verizon phone with T-Moblie Sim


    A friend of mine gifted me a note 8 (verizon), but I have T-Mobile. The phone is unlocked and it recognizes the sim card. When I am at an area with good coverage I can make calls, use 4g, send texts. But when I am in my house I cannot make calls, but can send texts and use 4g. I can make calls on my T-Mobile S7 Edge, however on the note 8 I can't. I installed LTE Discovery on both phones to see the differences, and I saw that both phones are on band 4 and show -110 dBm. I tried to search this problem but didn't find any solution. I am confused, why can I send texts and use 4g perfectly, but cannot make any calls? I can make calls when I am on the road and coverage gets better.

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