Serious lack of signal and building penetration




    I've only just moved to T-Mobile from AT&T last week. Since then I have been experiencing incredible fluctuations with service quality. When I have reception, everything is lightning fast. However I do not often have reception. My main issue is building penetration- although LTE and Edge fluctuate while I am outside as well. I also have an issue where I must restart my phone to regain data usage, even if it displays LTE. Airplane mode on/off does not work. For example, my service today looked like this: No service at work, restart my phone as I walk to my car, trip to Costco where I also have no service, restart my phone again to regain service, no service inside CVS, restart my phone again before I head home. When I say no service, I don't mean a slow connection or one-bar reception; I mean I have no service at all. 0 bars.


    I live in the SF Bay Area and I am on an Iphone X. I have checked my coverage based this tool:


    4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


    I have also troubleshooted based on this support page, going so far as to factory reset and then restore my phone:


    Internet and data issues


    I travel a lot and I was very excited to try out the international capabilities of T-Mobile in a few weeks. Unfortunately I am not having any confidence in the service reliability right now. Is there any explanation as to why I am getting such terrible service? I feel like the service is so bad something must be wrong. Is there anything I can do? I would rather not switch back to AT&T.



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