Are all new phones purchased online or through the phone shipped from Fort Worth, Texas?




    I'm a new customer who joined last month and did the sign up process and ordering over the phone at the 1-800-672-5390 number. I'm sure T-Mobile has warehouses and hubs throughout the nation, but I was wondering do new orders normally ship from the Fort Worth, Texas warehouse? From what I gathered, this looks to be T-Mobile's main return center, which had me worried that I may have received used and repackaged phones, when I brought them new. I'm not sure if there's a way for me to reliably check this information, but I don't like having to do this guesswork, especially as a new customer. I'm sure T-Mobile regularly receives returns and buyers' remorse phones, so I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened, which would suck to know.


    Also, is the packaging and shipping and handling normally this bad? The four phones I ordered came in an indiscreet and very average looking cardboard box that wasn't very layered or thick for protection. For a close to $4000 purchase, I'm surprised T-Mobile did such a horrible job with this. Just shaking the box a little when I received it, I could tell that it went through a lot of shakes and bumps on its journey to me. This is completely unacceptable again given how expensive the order is. Even a $5 purchase I make from Amazon comes in much better and protective packaging than what I got, to ensure that any items aren't damaged when received. So on top of possibly receiving used phones when purchased new, I now have to worry that my phones may have been damaged when shipped to me. Can't really tell at the moment, but again, I hate how I have to do all this guesswork, since everything was outside of my control after I made my purchase.


    Why do I have to think or worry about any of this as a new customer, T-Mobile? I would appreciate your thoughts and answers because so far my #Magenta experience has been one filled with distrust and disappointment.

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      • snn555

        Packages are returned to Fort Worth and sent from Fort Worth as that is a major Warehouse that houses both new and perhaps used phones.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Just want to say we don't want you to have to worry about the devices regardless of where they are sent from. I agree that Fort Worth is a major shipping hub so it's not uncommon to get devices from there. As for the shipping, I can definitely pass along your feedback. Our devices should be getting packaged in such way to make sure the phone is getting to you without any damage and we want you to feel comfortable enough to place orders for phones in the future. Thanks for coming here and sharing your thoughts.

            • masheen

              I appreciate your response, and of course would like T-Mobile to do a much better job with their shipping and handling in the future, but considering I just received my package less than a month ago and am a new customer, I don't exactly feel comfortable knowing I paid close to $4000 for phones that have definitely seen many tosses, turns, and bumps along the way being delivered from Fort Worth, Texas to where I am in New York. Security and protection shouldn't be traded off for convenience. Had I known they were going to come to me in the flimsy cardboard box they did, I would've chosen to buy my phones at a store, since they most likely arrive in bigger shipments, which I'm sure come in much better and secure packaging and shipping and handling.


              Honestly, there's no way I could tell right now if the phones I received are slightly damaged from all the movements they experienced on their way to me. I mean one of my iPhone 8s has this slightly staticky noise coming out of the speakers whenever I make a call on it. Could be because all the bumps and shakes it went through on its ground shipment to me that loosened the hardware inside. Could be a defect that was present even before shipment. I don't know, but I hate how I have to do all this guesswork, especially as a new customer.


              Seriously, I just wish I did the whole sign up and ordering process at a local T-Mobile store, because doing everything over the phone really has me questioning the difference between the two methods, and it feels like I'm experiencing a lot more questions and concerns that I could've avoided how I done everything at a T-Mobile store. Basically, that I got screwed over big time. Stupid me for choosing to do everything over the phone, but the difference is ridiculous, and I feel bad for any new customers who choose to sign up to T-Mobile through the phone, especially from 1-800-672-5390.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  I'm sorry we've caused you to feel this way. Honestly, you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you get the phone from the store or order it over the phone. It should work either way. We do make sure the devices are shipped so they get to our stores and customers without damage. If you do have a phone that's giving you fits, the process we go through is troubleshooting to figure out where the issue is coming from. If it's the phone or something else, we'll have a way to get it resolved. If there's physical damage, of course that's not something you should take the hit for. We can get that phone replaced for you since it was us that shipped to you in the first place. The point I'm trying to make is that it shouldn't matter what channel you go through when you get a phone from us. The phone should be working and undamaged when it gets to you. I do totally hear where you're coming from and I really wish you had a better phone-buying experience.