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    I am having a problem with the Primary account holder.  I am a foreign student who along with 4 other students have joined a T-Mobile family plan. The 4 other students are strangers to me , but we met near a T-mobile stall set up near our university back then  and took the decision to join a plan together as we needed a US phone number urgently. So, one of these students became the primary account holder as he had given his ID at that time. Now, here is the problem. The Primary account holder cancelled his line a while back and went back to his home country without notifying us.  Numerous attempts to contact him were made without success.  How to change the account ownership to my name? The T-Mobile support is saying only the owner can do that and so i am stuck in this situation. I even informed them that the owner is not reachable and its a dead end there. They said they cannot help in this regard. Please suggest me how i can resolve this? I am not able to add or remove services to my account.

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      • snn555

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        It might be easiest to just forgo  porting your number or taking your own account with that number and starting your own plan. At this point it is the primary account holders responsibility for all of the lines that they decided to be an account holder over.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Problem with Primary Account Holder

          I'm so sorry to read that you're in this predicament, roger459. It sounds like this was a great solution for you guys at the time, but has turned into a huge pain. snn555's suggestion might be the best bet here -- for legal reasons, we wouldn't be able to move or release your line without the BRP's authorization, as much as it pains me to say, having read over your situation. I'm sorry you're dealing with such a complicated issue, and I wish you the best of luck getting in touch with this other person!