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    I am not yet a T-mobile customer but plan to because of the international coverage (My family is in Europe). However, because most quadband phones available are 2G (US and Europe) and 3G (US), like the Alcatel Flip sold by T-Mobile, I need to know for sure that I can get texts/calls with 2G in NYS, esp. the Albany area. From the map, it is not 100% clear and it is important that I know for sure that my T-Mobile plan would work. Marissa, please help.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: 2G Coverage NYS

        I can't say for NY State in general but parts of NY, particularly around NYC, have only a vestigial 2G service. In NYC everything except one 5 MHz slice of band 4 has been converted to LTE with one block of UMTS in band 4 and a barely functional 2G/GSM service running in the guard bands of band 2 LTE. This means that, while you can, technically, still use a 2G-only phone in NYC, the service will be very limited. 


        Now, in Albany, it looks like they may have 20MHz of LTE on band 4, 5MHz on band 2 and 12, UMTS on band 2 and GSM on band 2. Albany is not as congested as NYC.

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        • dragon1562

          Re: 2G Coverage NYS

          I can confirm that 2g does work for basic things from the times when I was in NY but I would strongly recommend picking up a cheap phone that supports the LTE frequencies on the network. It leads to a much improved experience across the board. I would advise this for any carrier honestly.

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            • landonloco

              Re: 2G Coverage NYS

              Just  as stated above I also recommend to get a cheap LTE phone since 2G is a really old network almost all networks shut it down  except t mobile since they still have a lot of 2G only area which by now should be quite low I expect that half way trough completion of the 600mzh roll out they might shutdown once and for all but still that's just especulations

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            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: 2G Coverage NYS

              Hi there!


              Looks like you've got a lot recommendations from our awesome community folks. Did you still need some help? Please reply back and let us know. Thanks!

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: 2G Coverage NYS

                Greetings, magenta3896238. I know a lot of feedback was offered here -- how are you doing?

                I saw that you mentioned me in your thread! I'm not sure if you found a previous thread about 2G coverage that inspired that, but I took a look at the resources I have to answer the question. Here's what I can tell you.
                I was able to get a map of our nationwide 2G TMO and AT&T coverage from EOY 2016. It's not huge, so drilling down to a specific area is a little tough. Lining it up with Albany on Google Maps (seriously, not a perfect science, haha) it looks like Albany should be OK. The entirety of NYS, though -- I'm sorry to say that's not something I'm seeing.
                I'll add to that some caveats:

                1. We can't guarantee coverage at all times on a specific band/frequency/speed anywhere -- we make network changes and there are outages and environmental impacts, etc. etc. Just want to be super straightforward, and definitely ask you to bear in mind that this map is not new.

                2. That said, the map might be better than what I see right now. It only shows AT&T and TMO coverage, but in theory we have other 2G roaming partners that might fill in the gaps.

                3. Lastly, back to the bummer disclaimers -- it's not a bad idea to make sure you've had a chance to take a look at this: Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer -- any time you're thinking about purchasing a non TMO device, it's best that we are up front that we're limited in the support that we're able to provide and that we can't guarantee full functionality of the network, though we are happy to offer some steps, tips and tricks that might help! See the Bring your own device (BYOD) guide for more on that.


                I know that this isn't the exact answer that you were hoping for, but I wanted to at least give you what I could find! I hope this helps.

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                • magenta3896238

                  Re: 2G Coverage NYS

                  Thankx to All. I have more question--why is my regular name appearing, and not my T-Mobile name?

                  • magenta3896238

                    Re: 2G Coverage NYS

                    How can I modify my settings so magenta3896238 appears and not my full name?

                    • magenta3128589

                      Re: 2G Coverage NYS

                      This is correct. NY has been updated. Older phones will not be able to connect.....well.