I love T-mobile, and I have been a loyal customer for years.

    The insurance carrier sucks!

    Worst customer service ever!!!

    I hate and despise them with a passion.

    It has gotten to the point that I feel like I am going to have to terminate my service with T-Mobile.

    The sad part is that I received the best customer earlier this month.

    But the rules are beyond ridiculous!

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      • tidbits

        Re: INSURANCE

        T-Mobile doesn't make the rules.  The underwriter does.  You can switch to ANY carrier and get the same rules because they are the one in the same insurer.  So best to not get insurance if you have a problem with those rules.



        No I do not work for T-mobile, and a lot of people aside myself have told people usually the first 6 months is like the only time it is worth the insurance.  After that it's always cheaper to repair things yourself than to pay insurance and then the deductible.  Only time it seems worth it is if you lost your phone but after a certain point you could always buy a used (same make and model) cheaper than paying for insurance and it's deductible after a year.

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        • snn555

          Re: INSURANCE

          I usually terminate insurance after 1 year myself depending upon the cost of the phone. However currently I have been keeping Insurance because I have about four phones and whichever one is working on the line at the time that it breaks is the one that is covered so I am covered from anything from a $225 phone all the way up to $800 for $7-10 a month.

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          • stevetjr

            Re: INSURANCE

            I keep it because it's included with my JUMP which is the original JUMP version 1, got to love the grandfathered clause :-)

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            • tmo_marissa

              Re: INSURANCE

              Hey there, magenta3889804. I know our users have chimed in with some helpful input here -- I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a good experience with Assurant. We can definitely forward the general feedback. We'd hate to see you go!

              Can I ask if there are some specifics to your situation that you're looking for clarification regarding? We're happy to double check a policy for you if that would help!

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: INSURANCE

                Hi, hi! Just wanted to check in here again and see if we could ask for a little more detail about your situation! We're happy to look for some answers if you have any questions. Thanks!