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    I simply wanted to upgrade my iPad Mini. I called T-Mobile, made an order and assumed it would workout--Nope. First, I was sent a text questionnaire that recorded the wrong information back when I thought I was getting good customer service. Although I was filling in good marks, the system asked about why I was giving bad customer service responses in return. I had to call them to explain that there was a glitch in their questionnaire--they couldn't even get this simple thing right from the start. Later, they sent me the wrong iPad. When I called to get the right one, they wanted a return--no problem. They emailed me a UPS label and I sent it back. I asked them to send me the right one right-away and thought that things were good. Later, I saw an Apple watch order on my account, instead of the iPad. I called them about that and checked on the order. No order had been made but not to worry, a rush order was made I just had to wait for the documents to sign on that business day. Another stupid customer service text message followed. When the documents hadn't shown up, I called them back. I sent the iPad a week ago but they were going to charge me $49 for a new order. Question, "Why did you charge me $155 the first order." Their answer was, "We can't tell you and it's great that you aren't mad." Then they said they would give me a refund in a week, and then we could start the order process again. This process won't end. The same kinds of goofy shenanigans happened with them when I ordered my iPhone 8 and I had to visit a T-Mobile store twice for a total of 5 hours to clear the problem up (they hadn't turned on the SIM card)!  I have to be honest, I am looking for another carrier with better customer service that doesn't constantly screw up, waste my time, and give me conflicting answers to my questions when I speak to them about it!




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        Welcome, magenta3885272. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here -- I'm really sorry to read that it hasn't been close to an easy one. I know you mentioned thinking about leaving -- we'd definitely hate to have this result in missing you! It's been a few days since your original post; how are things going for you at this point? We want to make sure that your return's been checked in, the right device is on the way to you, *and* that we're giving you reasonable explanations for your questions.

        We can't look into your account or order history from here, but just from reading over your post I can try to make a few educated guesses about the situation. It sounds like you understand that we don't complete exchanges, but rather we do "returns & re-orders". When your return is processed, you should receive a refund to the credit or debit account tied to the card you used to make your down payment. The intention is that then you would use those funds to make the up front payment for the new order. It sounds like you're being asked to put down a lower amount for the correct device than for your original order. This would make sense if the original order was for a device with a higher MSRP than the new (correct) order -- is that the case here? What device did we send out initially, and what are you ordering now? If this *doesn't* sound like a plausible explanation, then there may be a promo running now that wasn't active before, or we may have made adjustments at a high level to the EIP for this particular device. Other possible explanations are that as your bill's cycled, more available equipment credit has opened up for your account, allowing you to place more on an EIP, or potentially the account standing has improved? It's rough to say, but I can definitely apologize that we weren't able to do the legwork with you and give you a clear answer. It's a totally reasonable question to ask.

        If you would like a team with account access to look into this for you, and reaching out online is preferable, our T-Force team on FB or Twitter should be able to securely verify your account and take a look and see where we are in these processes -- warehouse confirmation, refund, etc. Have you had the chance to work with them yet?

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            To whom it may concern,


            I had a manager call me on Friday to rectify the situation. I have been getting notifications that the new device will get to me tomorrow. As you point out, mistakes happen but matters become worst when answers aren’t presented upon request.




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                Re: Upgrade Issues

                I'm glad that you were contacted, and definitely hope that your order arrives ASAP! You're absolutely right, and we appreciate the feedback. Please keep us posted when the correct equipment arrives -- and also, just to confirm, was your refund complete?