Anyone else not have Tmobile Contact?


    Since we no longer have rep to help us, I'm wondering how others handle. We did the free iPhone 7 promotion back in Sept 2016 for three iPhones on our account. No credits were applied and it took us from November 17 to March 17 to get credits applied. Our rep is since gone or unresponsive and beginning in June they charged us more and credited us less. Reaching out via chat on their site led to a 2 hour back and forth with Gilbert before he said oh you just need to call the small business line. That led to a long phone conversation with Anisha where she said she had to check with promotions, but ended up just transferring me and I had to start all over again only for them to transfer me BACK to small business where I now frustratingly explained everything for the FOURTH time and was told I would be transferred to a manager. On hold for over 20 minutes and then a recorded message tells me to choose an option (none applicable) and when I chose 0 for an Operator they said invalid and hung up on me. This is horrible customer service and the billing is the same shady tactics they supposedly ridicule Verizon and AT&T for. If anyone has someone who can help resolve this matter, please let me know.

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