four bars LTE but unable to make calls


    We joined T-mobile two weeks ago and purchased brand new iPhones (an 8 and an SE). There is a new T-mobile tower in our rural community, and we usually have 3 - 4 bars LTE service both indoors and outdoors around town. Yet our calls are broken and we are unable to speak/hear the callers and carry out conversations. The internet is also super slow, and at times just doesn't work at all. T-mobile is sending us a booster - but I can't see that this will help. I have contacted T-mobile and they are looking into it, but I don't have a time frame for fixes. So far, the switch to T-mobile has not worked out for us. But I am hoping someone can help me trouble-shoot what could be going on with the tower to explain full bars, yet terrible service. Does anyone else have this experience?

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