Light leaking from the edges of new Note 8s and bad experience with T-Mobile.


    Hi, I joined T-Mobile not too long ago. Two of the new phones I ordered were the Samsung Galaxy Note 8s. After about two weeks of use, I noticed that on the sides of the phones where the curved edge display meets the frame of the phone, there are thin layers of light peeping through. I've searched the web for answers, and it seems to be a common problem found on many Note 8 units. Here are some sources:







    There's no official answer from Samsung in addressing this other than saying it's "normal," which is total nonsense because not all devices are affected by this from what I've seen. The closest actual answer I've actually seen from a Samsung agent is calling it a delamination issue. I've seen a couple of devices that are near perfect and don't have this defect, which is particularly noticeable and annoying when you use your phone in dark settings or have the brightness turned up. It's unfair and totally unacceptable that owners like me have to put up with this annoyance when others don't. I don't blame T-Mobile for this since it's Samsung's fault for their poor quality control, but because I didn't notice this defect sooner and ordered my phones through T-Mobile's call in service as supposed to buying them from a store, T-Mobile overcomplicated my ability to replace or exchange my Note 8s (thanks for screwing over a new customer, T-Mobile). I've tried contacting T-Mobile Support on Twitter about this as well as calling T-Mobile's web and sales department at 1-800-672-5390. T-Force was a lot more helpful than the rude, overseas agent from India I spoke to who, mind you, was the fourth person I had to speak with on that same phone call, and spent half of our conversation screaming in my ear telling me she couldn't hear me when I could hear her crystal clear. She also went through with processing a return, which I specifically asked if she could refrain from doing, since I wanted to better consider my options, but nope.


    After all of this, I still wasn't able to find a solution to my issue. I was told that doing a buyer's remorse and returning the phones I got and repurchasing them was my best option, which would mean that I have to wait at least two weeks with no phones before I could get new Note 8s, but since I have to purchase them again, it won't be under the same special pricing that I brought them for during December's Samsung BOGO.


    I don't understand why I can't simply exchange them at a nearby T-Mobile store. Can someone from T-Mobile please explain this to me? I would really appreciate it. Because again, I feel really screwed over as a new customer.

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      • snn555

        Any times that I've had to return a phone or return it for exchange under warranty they've always sent the phone to me and charge me $5 if I had insurance and $25 if I did not have insurance.


        In addition to being sent directly to me via UPS they have also sent the device to the store for me to pick up and pay the warranty exchange there.


        Knowing that I'm not sure why you would be required to return the phones and then repurchase them. You should be able to just have them swapped out in a manner described above.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hi, masheen!


          Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community. I appreciate you providing a plethora of links describing the same situation that you're in. Honestly, this is the first I'm hearing of it, but from reading through all of the links you sent, many are having the same issue. I'm sorry the phone issues still hasn't been resolved and if anything has been more complicated. We do not allow devices purchased over the phone or online to be exchanged in-store due to how we do our inventory. Yes, that would make things a million times simpler. I do a decent amount of online shopping and if I had to return everything by mail...let's just say I'd have more stuff sitting around my house than I'd like versus the option to return it to a store.


          One thing I'd like to point out, since you placed your order over the phone, you do get a little more of a buyer's remorse period. What date did you purchase your phones? I want to see what our options are for replacement at this point.

            • masheen

              Hi, thanks for reaching out Amanda.


              I appreciate your thorough explanation of the different purchase methods and only wish I knew about the differences a lot sooner when I first joined T-Mobile last month. Let's just say the online and phone reps who helped me sign up weren't the best. I would've preferred doing everything at a store if it meant I could more easily and conveniently replace my Note 8s, if need be like in my case, but they skipped out on describing this detail to me.


              Unfortunately, since I discovered this manufacturing defect a little late, my buyer's remorse period has already ended according to the T-Force representatives I've spoken with on Twitter. My only option now is to go through a warranty exchange, but I don't like how I'd have to settle for used, possibly faulty replacements, based on customer stories I've read regarding warranty exchanges, when I brought my Note 8s new.


              I still do find it unfair given how customers like me can't make the best of T-Mobile's customer resources since I joined over the phone. Even if I did do buyer's remorse, it would mean I have to return my phones, get a refund processed, and repurchase my phones, which is very inconvenient considering that I just want to exchange them. It feels like I'm a second tier T-Mobile customer, even though the services I have and what I pay for is similar to most other customers, if that makes sense. And since the online and phone reps didn't explain these details to me when I specifically asked about the differences and just kept blasting welcome to #MagentaFamily like there are no worries or something, I do feel cheated as a new customer. I hope you can understand.

                • tmo_amanda

                  I 110% understand, masheen, and I'm sorry all of the details weren't clear at the time of your purchase. You're definitely not a second tier customer as all of our customers are #1 and our primary focus. With warranty exchanges, you'll either get a new or like-new device. We don't want you to feel cheated and if we had other options available, we would definitely be sharing them with you. I have already passed along the issue with the light leaking to our Samsung guru and if any additional information is needed, I will send a private message your way. As it stands, the only option would be to process the warranty exchange since the buyer's remorse period has already passed.

                    • masheen

                      Thank you Amanda. I know there's only so much you can do on your end, so I appreciate this. I just don't like T-Mobile's policy with regards to exchanges and replacements for new phones. I also don't like how I have to think about possibly going through an exchange this early, since I don't like the wasteful and damaging to our environment nature of my request, but my personal grip with the phone is really with Samsung for their poor quality control.


                      From what I gathered regarding this issue, it looks like what's causing the issue is a lightly off paint job on the front glass panel, where the curved edges meet the frame of the Note 8. This is just a theory but one that makes a lot of sense after I watched this video where someone stripped away the paint on their Note 8:


                      Since this issue apparently doesn't affect all Note 8s and the IP68 water and dust resistance rating, that would just mean that the glass by the bezels and sides where the light comes through is not fully covered in the black paint frame you can see on the front:


                      Can you please forward these details to your Samsung guru? I've also tried contacting and messaging Samsung about this already. Wasn't too pleased with their response and suggested solution, so hopefully we can figure something else out.

                        • tmo_amanda

                          I admire you wanting to protect our environment, masheen!


                          I did a lot of digging on that when you initially sent the list of links and I agree that it's more of a cosmetic issue with the paint vs missing hardware. I'll gladly forward this to our Samsung team member. Most likely, the only solution at this time would be a warranty exchange. I completely understand this is a brand new device and it shouldn't have this sort of imperfection. I'm curious -- what was Samsung's response?

                            • masheen

                              Hi Amanda,


                              Samsung's response was unhelpful. I was told I can send my device in for evaluation, but then I would be without a phone for a week or more, and there's no guarantee that the issue would be fixed unless their specialists also do paint jobs, which from what I read from other customers bringing in their phones for service because of this issue, never changes anything. I've spoken to a couple of Samsung representatives already, on their Twitter support page and their contact support on their website. Most of them just brush it off as being normal, telling me it's the reflective property of the glass or something along those lines. Is that their level of quality control for a $1000 phone?


                              While I agree that this may be a factor, the bigger reason why this cosmetic issue exists, according to my theory, is the slightly off paint job along the edges of the glass display, which I've described. It would make a lot more sense given how this doesn't affect all Note 8s. I would know because I've seen at least 20 different Note 8s already, mostly store display models. Some had this issue, while others did not.


                              I normally don't make complaints unless I have a valid reason for doing so. It's just frustrating again that I paid the same or similar prices as other Note 8 customers for this phone only to receive slightly inferior units out of the box, if that makes sense. I wouldn't mind this if it was some handcrafted product, but it's a highly industrialized and manufactured phone. There really should be little to no error margin, and those of us who receive such units should be given something in return to make up for receiving these 98.5% complete products as supposed to 100%, if that makes sense. This is a $1000 phone after all, coming from a highly reputable company, not some start up. That's why my tolerance is really low for defects like these out of the box since it's clearly the manufacturer's fault for their lousy quality control.


                              This is my first Samsung phone having been an iPhone user all this time, and honestly, I'm disappointed, but it looks like I'm stuck with it, which is frustrating to say the least...

                                • tmo_amanda

                                  Your complaint is valid, in my honest opinion, masheen! Again, I'm surprised yours is the first post on our Support Community regarding the screen. I'm sure this doesn't make the change to a different OS any easier. I wish we had more answers from the manufacturer as this is a high-end device. I've passed along your feedback about the screen but at this time there is no recall or fix that Samsung has notified us of. If for some reason we're notified of a solution, I will get back to you on your thread right away.

                      • andrew15989

                        I have the same problem I just got my note8 not even an hour after I took it back. They said I have to wait 30+ days to file another claim since I just returned my original Note8 for this piece of crap. I was shocked because when I was ordering a replacement they never told me that it was going to be a refurbished phone. When I went back to tell them what was going on with the replacement they said their was nothing wrong with it and that's when they told me that it was a refurbished phone. I would've never taken my original note8 if they told me that I wasn't getting a new one. I have to wait two more days to get another replacement and I better not see any problems with it or else I'm going to be really pissed at T- Mobile for not telling me that I was going to get a refurbished phone to begin with. I was expecting a brand new phone for the money I paid. I am still paying off this phone even though I'm paying full price for a used piece of crap now. Why can't T-Mobile make things way easier and give me a new phone since I paid $1000!!!

                          • theartiszan

                            Was that a insurance claim I take it? All insurance claims really for the majority of carriers here in the states are with Assurant. When you file a claim for a replacement it will always be a refurbished device. This is the same with warranty exchanges as well. While getting one that is not perfect is frustrating, if the only issue you are seeing is the light bleed that is okay. There is nothing truly wrong with the device. What that means is with the way the glass is fitted to the phone it is raised above or has a gap between the metal. As the light translate l travels through the glass it comes out that exposed section. This does not compromise the device water resistance or ability to use the phone.

                              • andrew15989

                                When I went in I was never told that I would get a refurbished phone even though my phone was in great condition. It had no scratches or light bleeding anywhere. I feel that it was unfair to me since I was never told that I would get a refurbished device that is in worst condition then my original. What is the point of going to a store that is going to give me a phone that is in worst condition then my original note8 and not tell me that it's going to be a used phone. I would've kept my phone if they would've told me that I would be getting a used and see what other options their are. And btw if you are paying $1000 on a phone you wouldn't want any sort of problems with it you would want it to be as perfect as you can get it for the money you paid.