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    I am at a loss of words and so upset that i made the decision to come to T mobile. While in the T Mobile store yesterday to upgrade my children's phones, ( keep in mind, we all kept the same phones we previously had with Verizon, which T-Mobile promised to pay off for us when we switched, which never happened six months into being T-Mobile customers) So after sitting in the store for two hours, our salesman informed me that we don't have enough available credit through t mobile to get phones for the kids. After calling into customer relations, the woman who was speaking to him, with the worst attitude and being very unprofessional tells the salesman while he has my phone on speaker that " You worked for us, you know how the game is played. Aint gonna do it" I have to say, my salesman was great, but we are leaving this company and going back to Verizon and anyone who reads this, I advise you to do the same. I am a customer who carries 5 lines on my account, and Id rather pay the extra money to Verizon for the loyalty and superior service than to give a company my money to be treated like this. I have told numerous people that they should be switching to Tmobile but now I am talking to every family member, friend, and especially business associates to avoid at all costs!!

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        Welcome, mkclark1977 -- I'm sorry we're not saying hi on better terms!

        First off, regarding your reimbursement for the balances on your Verizon account -- six months is much longer than this should take, and I'm so sorry you've been waiting so long! The Carrier Freedom team should be able to review your submission and see where the hang-up is here. You can reach out to them by dialing the following number and completing the prompts below:


        To reach an agent:

        1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
        2. Press 3.
        3. Press 1.
        4. Press 1.

        As far as the situation with the equipment credit limit on your account -- that's a huge let-down, and I can't imagine what it felt like to overhear that. This is certainly not the way we should be speaking to one another, whether a customer is listening or not. I do know that an account's equipment credit line isn't something that can be altered like a sliding scale, but there's no reason for us to be rude in reminding one another of that policy. I'm truly sorry that you and your family went through that.
        While we can't review your account from this public user forum, we'd definitely love to have you reach out to a team with account access to review device options for you before we lose your business. Whether you have five lines or one line, this isn't the experience we want for any customer. I'm not sure if you're active on social media at all, but our T-Force teams on Twitter and Facebook do have a platform to securely verify your account details and look into what options we might have for equipment for you, if reaching out online is your preference! I hope you'll give us a shot at providing a more caring experience. I will be sending you a private message to collect some details to provide feedback about this experience if you'd be so inclined -- you can take a peek in your inbox in a few moments. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what happened.


        - Marissa