TMobile BOGO Rebate denied purchased through costco


    Hi All ,


    I purchased 4 Apple i phone 8 plus from Costco

    on 20-Nov-2017. I have paid the complete amount for all 4 I phone



    I purchased them under the Q4COSTCOMAGENTA APPLE BOGO OFFER .

    After 8 weeks i am supposed to receive 2 cash cards worth 650$ each.


    I applied for the promotion on T-mobile website on 22-Nov-2017 using

    the T-mobile customer cares help. But my promotion  was declined on

    9th January 2018 saying must purchase qualifying device. It took

    around 8 weeks to decline.


    I did purchase a qualifying device.  When i contacted costco , they

    said it is valid.

    I called the T-mobile customer enter. They say to contact Costco.

    I am just going up and down.


    if this promotion is not valid. Please inform me immediately , so that

    I would like to cancel all my 10 lines in my T-mobile account and

    return all the devices i purchased . I can switch to a different Vendor.


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