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T-mobile ILLEGALLY locked non t-mobile iPhone 8


    Bascially I have the same sitution as this user. T-mobile illegally locked non t-mobile iPhone 7   In the end, someone from Tmobile is able to help him to solve his problem. And I have the same sitution here as well.

    Please do not tell me Tmobile does not lock non-tmobile iphone. It just does. I have already spent hours on this and no body from tmobile is willing to help.


    This is my case:

    T-mobile illegally locked non t-mobile iPhone 8. I bought iPhone 8 from target mobile. This is non t-mobile device. T-mobile should not lock this device. But it is locked to t-mobile since t-mobile sim card was used one time. Please note this iPhone was regionally unlocked in USA. But t-mobile locked this iPhone illegally. Whenever I insert non t-mobile sim card, I am getting Invalid sim card error.


    Sim Unlock Reference:  13194665
    IMEI:  356701084772477


    Unlock Code:  Non T-Mobile Device

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time because we are only able to provide unlock codes for T-Mobile USA handsets. Please refer your unlock request for this equipment directly to the carrier that the handset was purchased from.


    That is Tmobile response from last time. WHY YOU GUYS LOCK MY IPHONE AND TELL ME YOU ARE IRRELEVENT????


    I need the status of this escalation. I am trying to get this unlocked for last ONE month. T-mobile is not unlocking it, they just say beause the device is not from them, they can not unlock it. Its a nightmare for me.


    Apple customer service informed me that this iPhone is locked to t-mobile. Apple do not unlock the phones. They advised to contact t-mobile to unlock the phone.

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