Does a manual payment through the website prevent auto-pay discount?


    I've been fortunate enough to never have any problems with Autopay -- it charges my credit card on the day it says, for the amount of the bill.  If I have to call customer care for bill adjustments, Autopay always picks up the adjusted amount.


    Now I find myself wanting to make manual payments for Q1 2018, because the Chase Freedom credit card is offering 5% cashback on cell phone services.  I know I could change Autopay settings, but then I'd have to change them back in April when the Chase card goes back to 1%.


    If I use my Chase Freedom card to make an early payment manually using the website, the balance will be zero when Autopay day comes, and it will skip charging my usual card.  What I don't know is, will I still receive the $5/line Autopay discount, because Autopay is enabled, or does the discount only work on months when Autopay charges my card?

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