Account ending in: XXXXX3466


    Current and active phone number: 1081

    Cancelled unauthorized number ending in 9259

    Old IMEI: 355XXXXXXXX7946


    I don’t know if this will ever be reviewed or read by upper management or anyone that can really implement positive change at T mobile. We have been T mobile consumers for about 5 years. This most recent experience and service that was provided has us really considering on finding a different carrier. I don’t know how your Customer Care department is called “Customer Care” because there was absolutely no empathy or assistance provided when speaking and working with representatives to resolve our issue.


    Our problems stem from June 2017 when T Mobile was offering Buy One Get One Free Samsung S8. At that time Mike Diep at 18505 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA changed, altered and added 2 unauthorized lines to the account. Ever since June we have been battling and calling your Customer Care department every month and speaking with numerous supervisors to get the issue resolved but this is a story for another day. I want to bring to light the issue we just recently encountered.


    On November 20, 2017 our phone broke (Samsung S8; IMEI: 355XXXXXXXX7946) and so we decided to stop by the T mobile store located at 18505 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA and spoke with Vance around 6pm that evening. Vance stated that he is the store manager and with a broken phone we needed to call 6-1-1 to file a claim. We took his advice and called 6-1-1 that same day at 9:25pm and spoke with Michelle (Employee #: 23155). Michelle stated that she needs the IMEI off the broken phone in order to file the claim for a replacement and to attach the Samsung S8 to correct phone number on the account (the S8 was attached to a cancelled unauthorized line that was opened by Mike Diep back on June 2017). Michelle stated that we would need to go back to the T mobile store so the representatives at the location can open up the phone to retrieve the IMEI number.


    On November 24, 2017 – we returned to the T mobile store located at 18505 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA and met with Vance. We advised Vance that Michelle from 6-1-1 advised us to return back to the store to retrieve the IMEI number. Based off the information that Michelle provided, there was no need for us to return back to the store. The information was on the phone the entire time without anyone having to ever open the phone, just like Michelle advised us. As a suggestion, management may need to consider retraining staff to ensure proper and correct information is provided to your customers. After Vance pointed out where the IMEI number is located, I called 6-1-1 and provided the IMEI per Michelle’s request to associate the S8 to the phone number ending in 1081 instead of the cancelled line ending in 9259. The representative stated it should take about 24 to 48 hours for the correct phone number ending in 1081 to show the updates made to the account reflecting the correct IMEI number (Samsung S8). So back in June 2017, Mike Diep associated the Samsung S8 to an unauthorized number and when we called to cancel the unauthorized lines, the phone was still associated to it. Vance advised us to come back to the store so we can resolve the issue. While working towards a solution for our problem, we decided to utilize an extra phone we had at home, a Samsung Note 4.


    On December 02, 2017 – returning back to the T mobile store, we worked with one of the retail representative (Devon) at the store.  The system or file was showing that phone number ending in 1081 was associated with the Samsung Note 4 and not the Samsung S8. We called 6-1-1 and initially spoke with Eva and we requested to speak to a supervisor after trying to resolve and explain the situation. We were transferred to Debbie (Employee #: 1244458). Debbie proceed to inform us that a claim can not be filed for the Samsung S8 because it was attached to the cancelled phone number ending 9259. If we were to file a claim, a replacement would be processed for the Samsung Note 4 because there is no activity on the Samsung S8. Based on the information that was provided by your representatives from the store to 6-1-1, it just seems like no one wanted to assist in getting the issue resolved. Devon at the retail location was more helpful then the store Manager Vance in this matter, so please pass on our praise in the way he handled himself and the assisted us on this matter. Just wait this is not even close to being resolved and goes on for another couple of weeks. We went back home and left the SIM card for 1081 in the broken Samsung S8 for at least 24 hours as instructed by Debbie, Devon and Vance. In the meantime, Vance provided us with a temporary SIM card to use for 24 hours.


    On December 03, 2017 – we made another trip to the retail store in hopes of putting this nightmare of an experience with your company to bed, we were dead wrong. Note that it’s been over 2 weeks since the phone broke. As we met back up with Vance, he stated that he would speak to his District Manager (Ryan) and that we would receive a call from his district manager to discuss the situation. Never received a phone call (not surprised) from the so-called district manager. Who knows if Ryan was his actual name because all the T mobile representatives we’ve spoke to and worked with has been garbage. Vance also assured us that he would work with his manager and “Ryan” to see if he can issue a credit and also to find a way to assist us in paying off the outstanding balances on the account for all the equipment. As we called Assurant and started the claim process, Vance decided to call 6-1-1 between 12pm to 1:30pm at the same time to see if T mobile could process a courtesy phone to ensure that we receive our replacement within a matter of days. Andrea (Employee # 1226444) asked that we update our address to Washington because we had our billing address listed as an address in California. We hesitated because of the billing and all the changes that was made to our account with our authorization (again another hellish experience with T mobile), but Andrea stated that a courtesy phone will only be shipped to the address on file. We decided to move forward with updating our address from California to Washington so we could receive the courtesy Samsung S8. Andrea stated that she would overnight the phone and at the very latest should have the courtesy phone by Tuesday 12/05/17. To our surprise, the courtesy phone was never received.


    On December 06, 2017 – we made another trip to the retail location. Vance unfortunately had to leave work early due to a family matter so we were speaking with Geno. As frustrated as we were and the bullsh*t experience we had gone through to rightfully get a replacement phone, Geno was unfortunately on the receiving end of some profanity (apologizes to Geno). Geno, pulled up our account and read through the notes and stated that a claim was started but he did not see a courtesy phone being processed. We informed Geno that back on 12/03/17, Andrea (Employee # 1226444) from 6-1-1 was supposed to ship a courtesy phone. Geno stated that there were no notes pertaining to the courtesy phone that we were speaking of. Unfortunately, we dealt with another representative of your company that could not do anything, seemed like a common trend with your company. Geno also advised us to give it until Friday 12/08/17 to receive the courtesy phone and if we do not receive it by Friday to come back and speak to Vance. Yes, you have guessed correctly!!!! We did not receive the courtesy phone.


    On December 09, 2017 – we returned to the infamous retail store in this horror story. Working with Vance, we called Assurant to file the claim. As we were speaking with the representative at Assurant, that Assurant representative noticed that the claim that was started on 12/03/17 was cancelled by Andrea. They were able to assist us in filing a claim and we provided payment for the $175 deductible for the replacement, even though Andrea stated that she was doing something “outside the box”, like a courtesy phone shipment and we did not have to pay the $175 deductible, Devon @ T Mobile store can confirm this.  After we completed the claim filing process with Assurant, Vance stated that he would assist in crediting our account the deductible that we paid to help alleviate some of the problems we experienced. We advised Vance of the technical issues we were experiencing with the Samsung Note 4, so he offered to provide a loaner phone until the replacement phone from Assurant was received.


    On December 12, 2017 – we finally received a replacement phone!!!! It took over 3 weeks to finally get resolution and replacement phone. A process that we started on 11/20/17.  We returned back to the retail store to return the loaner phone that was provided as a temporary solution. During this time, we asked for an update on the credits from Vance. He expressed some concerns about us leaving T mobile for another carrier if he were to push forward with the credits. We advised him that if he got us the credit, we would stay with T mobile. He also advised us to give him until after the first of year to work on the credits with his manager and the district manager. This is the reason why I waited until now to write this review. To give Vance the benefit of the doubt that he would stick to his word. Well it’s January 12, 2018 and we have not heard a peep from Vance. Surprised, not really. Again it seems like this is T mobile's motto, say anything to keep an upset customer from leaving and never follow through. 


    I would like to see T mobile deliver on what they promised, the courtesy phone that we never received, should be shipped and T mobile should pay off the balance we have for all the equipment on our account and credit us for the deductible that was paid to Assurant as we were promised by Vance.  That is the very least your company can do for what we experienced. Again, I do not know why you have a department called “Customer Care” when it shows absolutely no CARE whatsoever.


    I am more than happy to have a discussion with anyone that is above the management level for your Customer Care departments regarding this complaint. I know it’s a far reach but we are giving T mobile the opportunity to make things right. Even if you decide not to make things right or credit anything, at the very least implement some positive changes to enrich the customer experience. We might be one customer out of the thousands or even millions of T mobile customers, but we are still a customer and paying for a service that was not provided or delivered by the T mobile representatives during our recent experience. This review will be reported to all business agencies that T mobile is registered with because I believe that all consumers have a right to know what kind of service they can expect to receive from T mobile based off of this experience. 


    This seems like an open forum for anyone to access and read, so please provide me someone's contact information and I can provide you with our account or phone number related to this complaint.



    Disgruntle Customer

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      • snn555

        Re: COMPLAINT!!!

        This is an open forum for customers to assist customers, however we cannot access your account info. Perhaps a moderator or community manager can direct message you privately for more contact info.


        Have you attempted to contact TMobile via social media like Facebook or Twitter?


        This seems to be a complicated matter for which may need more assistance than customers can provide.

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          • magenta3822107

            Re: COMPLAINT!!!



            Yes i understand this is an open forum, but you really think after my experience I want to deal with customer service when they were part of the problem?


            It's not very clear where to go to file a complaint or get my issue escalated. I have not contacted TMobile by Facebook or Twitter, so I will try there next. Thanks for your suggestion.


            Thank you again.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: COMPLAINT!!!

            Hello magenta3822107,


            Thank you for taking the time to post to our community! First off, I want to sincerely apologize for this almost 7 month saga of poor customer service you have had to endure. I read through your entire post several times and while it currently holds the record of the longest post of 2018 on our support community haha,  I wanted to thank you for being so detailed in describing your issue as it painted a clear picture of what has happened.


            Below is my understanding of your issue and I wanted to type it all out to make sure I didn't miss anything.


            Your S8 broke and you could not file claim as IMEI was associated with old unauthorized phone number. When you called us, you were told that IMEI associated with your active number would be updated within 24 hours to the IMEI of the S8. You started using an old Note 4 and about 1 week later when you went to the T-Mobile store, the IMEI associated with your current number was showing up as the IMEI for the Note 4 and not the S8 that had broken and if you filed a claim, it would be for a Note 4 and not a S8 since there was no activity on the S8. You put the SIM card in the S8 for 24 hours and went back to the T-Mobile store and since a you had been without a phone for almost 2 weeks, the store manager Vance called 611 to see if we could possibly send you replacement S8 instead of having to go through the standard insurance replacement process and this phone was supposed to be overnighted to you. You had also called Assurant at the same time to file a claim that you later found out was canceled. After not receiving the replacement that Vance had set up with customer care, you went back to the T-Mobile store and called Assurant again (where you found out the claim was canceled) and filed a new claim after paying the $175 deductible. Since the “courtesy phone” plan kind of fell through, the store manager said he was going to work on getting a credit on your account to cover the out of pocket deductible cost you had to pay. On the same day, you received a loaner phone cause your backup Note 4 was having issues. After 3 more days, you finally received the replacement from Assurant and returned the loaner phone. When you went to return the loaner to the store you talked with Vance about the deductible credit and there was some concern that you would just cancel if he put the credit on your account and you let him know that if he got the credit on the account by the end of the year, that you would not cancel service (this seems a bit odd to me as you canceling service should not have anything to do with a previous promise we made to you). Now 13 days after the new year, you still have not heard anything from Vance and there has been no credit to the account.


            If my understanding is correct, I believe Vance should have credited your account the day that you paid the $175 deductible and you should not have had to wait until you received the phone or up to 12/31/2017 and now 1/13/2018. It sounds like you and Vance spoke quite a bit during this whole process so I am curious as to why the communication has stopped? I know that you said you would give him to the end of the year to work on the credit with his manager and the district manager but now that we are almost 2 weeks deep into the new year and it still has not happened has me scratching my head. Have you tried speaking with Vance again or visited the T-Mobile store since the first of the year? If Vance promised you this credit, we want to make sure it gets applied to your account. 

              • magenta3822107

                Re: COMPLAINT!!!

                Thanks Chris. I appreciate your comments. At the very least, we will hold the record for the longest post


                Yes. Vance should have but he told us that he only has a limited amount of credits monthly he can apply to customer's accounts and I asked him before I gave Assurant my payment information. He insisted that he was going to work with his manager and DM to credit the deductible and credit the outstanding balance we have on our account for our equipment. I want to be clear that he said he was going to work on paying off the balance we have on our account for all the equipment and the deductible we paid for the replacement phone through Assurant, not just the deductible. He mentioned this will be a good will effort on T Mobile's part to make up for the experience we endured.


                We have reached out to Vance and still not a peep, so the next step is to visit the store and talk to him in person. If we do not gain any traction, who do we speak to about this entire ordeal? I really would like someone to explain why on multiple occasions TMobile failed miserably and still has not delivered on what was promised by a store Manager of your company.   

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: COMPLAINT!!!

                    I am so sorry about that. The ball has definitely been dropped here. If you do not feel like trying to go to the store, there is no need for you to have to do so. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to speak with our T-Force team. You can link them to this post and they will do an investigation as to what is happening with the credits you were promised.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Re: COMPLAINT!!!

                      Hey there, magenta3822107. I know this might not have been the best or easiest weekend to reach out, but I wanted to check in all the same and see if you'd had a chance to contact our T-Force team as Chris suggested. We'd definitely like to save you the trip if we can -- you've put a great deal of effort into this already! Please keep us posted on how things go. Thank you.

                        • magenta3822107

                          Re: COMPLAINT!!!



                          Thank you so much for reaching out to me.


                          I did take Chris's suggestion and contacted T-Force. I contacted them at 9:47am PST on Sunday 01/14/18 with absolutely no resolution. My conversation  ended at 1:44pm PST Sunday 01/14/18. Four hours of going in circles, there as 3 different representatives I was talking to during that time frame. Each time a new representative would come on, they would ask me to do what the previous representative asked me to do.Because for some reason T-Force cannot access my account and they are requesting that I change the permission on my account so they can access it.


                          They were asking me to enter a verification code through this link: Which I did. Once i completed what was instructed from the link, the T-Force rep stated they are not able to access the account. So the next step was for me to go through my permission settings to grant them full access but it was not giving me the option to edit that specific field. So this exact scenario went on through 3 different representatives (Literally felt like I was living a scene from Groundhogs Day). Which just blows my mind because if they were part of your organization, wouldn't they have access like all the other T-Mobile representatives at the store and people we talked to through 6-1-1? 


                          I have the screenshot of the conversation to show that I am not crazy. So yes... thank for reaching out to me because this option that was provided is not working. 


                          PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS THIS CRAZY EXPERIENCE. It just seems like there is no end to this nightmare.


                          I know you report to someone that reports to someone else, so I need someone to please contact me to discuss this. I do not want to go through T-Force so please ESCALATE this to your manager and their manager. I just want some kind of resolution PERIOD.


                          Thank you.