Note 8 Bogo Denied after 8 weeks




    So I purchased 2 Galaxy Note 8's and added a Line to my Plan and doing so obviously qualify for the Note 8 Bogo promotion.

    8 weeks ago I apply for said Promotion and was denied monday about 8 weeks later.

    So I call customer service they check and say that I am eligeable and transfer me to the promotions team, they also check and come to the conclusion that I am eligeable.

    So the lady re submits my application and now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks!

    My question why was my account not checked the first time? And why if the customer service rep. working for promotions says I am eligeable do I have to wait again?

    I wasnt informed I was denied I had to check myself and it took exactly 8 weeks. Now again I have to wait to maybe be denied again?


    This promotion is seeming more and more like a bait and switch I wouldnt have bought those 2 extremely expensive phones if it wasn't for the promotion!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Note 8 Bogo Denied after 8 weeks

        It's so awful to have to wait longer than you were originally told and I'm sorry this happened. As long as you meet all the qualifications and submit your request, it should go smoothly. In the off chance it doesn't go through like it should, we do have ways to escalate it internally on our end. As long as everything matches up, you should have to repeat the waiting process another time.