EIP Account still shows active after account paid off ?


    I upgraded online to a LG V20 from an Alcatel 4s back in August and did it online. After not receiving the phone and getting nowhere I dealt with T-Mobile on Facebook and they sent me a replacement for the phone I did not receive. The original phone was found several weeks later at ups after I started an investigation. Long story short I received the original phone after I got the replacement and sent it back per T-Mobile's instructions. On my EIP account it always showed I had two phones but only ever had the one. I paid off my EIP account but it still shows the 1st phone as an active account. Is there someone who can have this fixed?

    The reason I paid it off so early was that I was thinking of going to a V30 when the price becomes more reasonable and I do not want this 1st phone still showing as an active EIP account when it is not and not affect my ability to set up a new EIP account if I decide to go with a V30.

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