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    Hello, I recently bought a rebel plus. The first day I noticed that the screen brightness would adjust depending on what was on the screen. I was sure it was a defect and returned it a couple of days later and exchanged the phone for the same model. The new phone does it as well. I have found the settings for this"feature" and turned it off. This does nothing and the screen continues to significantly dim and brighten as the colors in the screen change (scrolling , a video changing frames). Is this a phone Defect? And if so is it possible to get a phone that works? The restocking fee seems unfair due to the defect of the phone that the reps saw during my visit to the store. I would just like to purchase a working device. Anyone know if the fee can be waived?

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      • snn555

        Re: Phone "Defect"

        This particular phone has suffered a myriad of issues however if you’ve gotten two units with the same suppose a defect in a row one might think that that is a feature or more so just part of how the phone works. As far as a restocking fee goes if there is a problem with the device in the first 14 days there should be no restocking fee at a store. If you purchased online there should also not be a restocking fee. There is no restocking fee for a defective device within 14 days of purchase. That said some stores work differently than other stores but I would think that that would be a consistent rule across the board.


        You might reach out to T-Mobile on Twitter or Facebook and let them take a look at the situation and perhaps you might get a credit to your account for the cost of that restocking fee. No promises but it is worth the effort.