Prioritization notifications?


    Is one notified when one's data usage is subject to prioritization?  I have a Falcon hotspot and its account has reached data usage of 29.69 GB (including Binge On streaming).  If the threshold is 30 GB, then I'm slightly under.  But I have seen lower threshold numbers (e.g. 25 GB).


    When I attempt to watch a Netflix video, refreshing is frequent and interrupts the viewing markedly.  I can use my LG Stylo Plus 2 phone and try Netflix viewing either with the cell data or with a wifi connection to the hotspot.  With the cell data being used, there is little or no refreshing interrupting the video (the cell data usage isn't that great).  With the wifi connection to the hotspot, refreshing makes video watching practically impossible.  With the testing that I've done so far, time of day doesn't seem to matter; that makes me wonder if the refreshing problem can be blamed on prioritization.

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      • snn555

        Re: Prioritization notifications?

        Prioritization begins at 50 GB and only when the area is congested. As far as getting a notification I have never gotten one however I never go to 50 gigabytes.



        Of course this all depends on how much high-speed data you have in your plan and what is available as even after the threshold or the limit of high speed has been used 3-g would be the speed you'd see and is not the best for HD viewing.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Prioritization notifications?

          Hey there! snn555 is spot on about the threshold for prioritization, and correct that it would only be implemented in an area where there's network congestion. What sort of Mobile Internet plan do you have for the hotspot?