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    On Oct 16, 2017 my wife and I went to a T-Mobile store to sign up for phone service. We also purchased 2 new Samsung phones because they had the bogo deal. I asked the salesperson two different times during the transaction if I needed to do anything to get the rebate card and was told no and that my the rebate card would be here in 8 to 12 weeks via mail. After 12 weeks and no card I went online to find out where it was and discovered that I was suppose to send in paperwork in order to get the rebate which the salesperson twice told me I did not have to do. Now that the 30 day from purchase is long expired, I am out $850.00 which is a lot of money for people who are basically living paycheck to paycheck. I am now stuck without any recourse and out my rebate,but you can be sure that we will tell all of our friends, the Better Business Bureau and everybody else that is willing to listen, not to deal with T-Mobile because at least some of their employees are either incompetent or worse yet out and out liars and thieves. BUYER BEWARE. Do NOT trust any sales people to tell you the truth, especially at T-Mobile.      Jim and Cindy  Tucson AZ

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Oh no, magenta3796992 -- that's a huge disappointment, both in terms of our expected ability to offer you the next steps necessary to complete a promotion, and in terms of the sum of money involved. We'd hate to see your family leave -- I know that this experience is awful, but I certainly hope there's another resolution option here. Were you working with our Care team -- how did you learn that the rebate submission needed to be entered on the Promotions site?


        - Marissa

          • magenta3796992

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            No. I have not been working with anyone. I found out about the paperwork submission by researching it online myself.

              • tmo_marissa

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                Apologies for the delayed reply! I was out for a few days, and then the long weekend added some extra time away. It must have been doubly frustrating learning about the promotion steps online. I'm wondering if working with a team with account access might yield an escalation opportunity for this promotion? I know that we're outside of the 30 day timeline since the purchase was initially made, but it does seem worth investigating, just to be sure! We'd want to take a look at your account details to see if there are any opportunities to make this right. It would definitely be preferable to come to some kind of resolution, rather than leave you stuck with no recourse at all.
                We're not able to verify your account and take a look from this public forum, but if reaching out online is your preference, our T-Force team -- social support on Twitter and Facebook -- do have a secure platform to authenticate your account and look into this further. For a promo like this that may have played a large part in your decision to switch, we want to see if there's anything that can be done to help. If you're active on either of those social media channels, you can send a DM to @tmobilehelp on Twitter, or send a Message on Facebook to reach the T-Force team.

                I'm sorry for the way this played out -- I sincerely hope we're able to come to a resolution.

            • gauti03

              Re: BOGO buyer beware


              I am really upset that I was lied to. I left AT&T for t mobile because t mobile said if I switched they would pay the balance of the phones from AT&T. They also said that they had the BOGO deal. Which consist of purchasing 1 samsung or iphone and turning in 1 device.

                      I made many calls to customer service people to know clearly about the plan and they told I need to exchange and old phone add a line and I did everything I was told to do. I went to store and bought the phone they said for one mobile I need to completely pay the amount and another one should be with the installment until I get my rebate card. I was told that I am going to get my rebate it will take time as they were many requests like these. They took my address so that they can send to that address.

                       I was carried away with work and was expecting the card to come in. But I didn’t got it. Today when I make a call the customer representative said its because u paid complete amount for one phone you are not qualified for the offer. I did what t-mobile store wanted me to do. Why would I pay the full amount. They said supervisor is busy and they would call me back. I didn’t get the call whole day. I made another call today and they asked for information again and connected me to supervisor.

                       Now the supervisor was telling me that I didn’t port in my no so I am not qualified for promotion. I shifted from AT&T and added another line. So what else I need to do. She was mentioning that my account is not qualified from the beginning itself for offer. If that is the case why would they take my old mobile for exchange and make me pay for another one. The answer I got was that many people do trade mobiles everyday so that means it’s not considered as BOGO offer. She also mentioned that wasn’t mistake from her team so that she can honor. But the help or information I got was only from T-Mobile people right. How is the company not responsible for the mistakes or false information the representative gives to customers. When I mentioned this point she said I made a notes so we will train our employees. How is that going to solve my problem and stress that I have been going through?

                       Not the case. I was lied to. I am not the only one going through this so I know I'm not crazy. The thing is that T mobile doesn't want to honor what I was told in the store which is very frustrating to the point that I may file a complaint with the BBB if t mobile doesn' honor BOGO.