Problems with my internet connection on my LG stylo 3 plus


    I have noted that sometimes when I am using the internet doesn't matter place I am or the quality of the internet or even the connection type it's stops responding and I have to put the app I am using on recent apps and back again

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      • snn555

        I have the same phone. However I do not have a problem. You may try going into settings and backup and reset and reset the network settings. Reboot and try again.

        • tmo_marissa

          Welcome, landonloco! I noticed you've been pretty active around our Community the last few days, thank you!
          Just out of curiosity, do you and your friend bump into this issue with multiple apps, or is it one particular app that's freezing/lagging? It seems so funky that the problem's happening to both of you regardless of your location, connection type or signal strength that I was curious about whether there was any common thread. How are things going for you?

          • landonloco

            Doesn't matter where you are honestly ethier Facebook YouTube,  doing a speed test 

            • tmo_marissa

              Hi again, landonloco! Just wanted to check in here and see how things are going for you. Did you have a chance to test in Safe Mode? We'd love to hear an update if you've got a moment!

              • cthelite

                You're definitely not the only one with this problem.  I remember the iphone problems with the antenna on the iphone 4.  It didn't happen with everyone, and the phone still sold well.  They had put a longer antenna in that phone and I know Apple investigated, not sure if they fixed anything.  I'm experiencing similar issues with this new Stylo 3 Plus when the phone is upside down for example, a lot of times anything I'm connected to hangs or drops.  Even if the phone is laying down a lot of times things hang or drop.  Sometimes even watching an online video sideways, it'll hang or drop.  Turning the phone right side up during these times will always bring back the connection.  It doesn't happen all the time though, just enough to be mildly annoying.  Sometimes I'll go days with no issue.  I know it's related to cellular signal though because when the signal hangs and whatever APP I'm using hangs, I'll pop on WIFI and the APP will come right back.  That could be a youtube video, an internet search, etc...  I think maybe a combination of circumstances have to happen, and I've not determined what they all are.  Maybe during those times of an already weakened signal due to location, when the phone antenna is not optimally pointing up, it loses signal.  After having a Note 3 for several years, and never seeing that kind of thing, I noticed it with this new phone after about a month.  I randomly search for others having the issue, and this is the first one I've seen.


                I also notice the clarity of phone conversation with this Stylo 3 Plus is not nearly as good as other phones I've had.  There are literally some people I cannot talk to because I cannot understand half of the conversation.  At first I thought it was the other person's location, but it happens every time I talk to certain people.  And I've listened to other phones talking to those same people, and the clarity is fine.  I think it has something to do with the tonal frequency of the conversation, the high and low tones are muted, making it more difficult to understand some other phones.  Again, I think it's probably a perfect storm combination of someone else's phone maybe not being as clear on their transmit, and this phone not being as clear on receive, causing me grief to understand the other party whenever that combination happens.  The Note 3 I had was such good call quality all the time, never had a problem like that, but I've noticed it a lot on this phone.  Some phones have some settings to adjust to improve voice clarity, but this phone doesn't. 


                Overall, I live with both issues. I literally got this phone for the built in stylus pen and it was cheaper than the new Galaxy Note.  It's the only way I won't lose my stylus pen.  : )   I'm happy with it other than the minor annoyances.  Will probably upgrade to the next phone with a built in stylus pen when one comes up in the future, I'm in no hurry.

                • landonloco

                  Glad I am not the only one my issue is minimal and at least with my stlylo I don't have call quality issue everything is nice and crisps with HD voice as for the internet mostly it only gives me that problem when I am on my hometown and it's really random my friend who has the same phone says that on his style it happens more frequently btw sorry for the late response I didn't get an notification