I have been a customer of tmobile for almost 2 years. I love T-Mobiles service as in speed wise, variety of phones, and deals they offer. Unfortunatley I have faced many issues with customer service and their problem solving technices. At first T-mobile was having technical issues which caused my bill to fluctuate every month with very high numbers. I had to call every month and explain my odd situation to a representative who instead of looking thouroughly through my account before commenting on the matter, would take the easy way out and explain there was no error and add my services to the bill. They did not look into the fact that I added 2 lines with the promotion of the lines being free. After almost 9 monthes of this situation once T-mobile didnt not have these issues was my problem resolved. Secondly I had an issue with my insurance where the assurant representatives gave me false information regarding my plan instead of finding out properly before handing information out. I spent 2 hours on the phone until i got a hold of someone in corporate to help me with the matter. As a manger in hospitality I would expect my guest service representatives to be able to handle the issue and go the extra mile to help a guest especially if the company is faulty, rather than them taking the lazy way out and not only not solving their problem but also not guiding them to the correct contact to help them. I understand not all have the same power as a manager or as corporate for certain decisions but i would expect them to guide them to someone to help them with their issue instead of taking the lazy way out. Now here I am frustruated as anyone else would be after dealing with so many issues, I purchased and Iphone 8 plus as a christmas gift and i added insurance to it as well. It is January 13 and i recieved a letter claiming the insurance was taken off. I had called in december to VERIFY with a representative about removing the insurance on the number 657 377 -xxxx because that line was synced to the samsung galaxy on5, also the line that was soon going to become for the iphone 8 plus. The representative assured me removing the insurance on the samsung galaxy on5 was not going to affect the iphone 8 plus. Not only did I double checked before removing it myself but i called a representative to make sure it was the correct way. Today i found out it was not. The insurance was taken of the Iphone 8 plus. Not only am i fruatrated because I CALLED to make sure there was no error but i also asked several times to make sure. The representative either took the lazy way out and instead of fully looking into it they decided to just take the easy way out and assure me it was right. Now i call again to fix the matter and I get hit with a "soery theres nothing I can do. I understand this rep has no power so i ask for contact info to someone that can help me and I'm also told theres no contact info. What kind of business has no info on a higher source ? Now that sounds ridicoulous. I am so frustrated please help.

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        It sounds like your first problem has to do with billing and charge amount. That something I might take up with Facebook or Twitter T-Mobile. They can take a look at it and in a calm take your time kind of way help you get that figured out. Social media T-Mobile is usually pretty good about getting situations resolved. Sometimes trying to fix things over the phone results in a hurried and frustrating experience.


        As far as the insurance goes they can take a look at that as well but to my understanding and experience insurance goes on a phone line and follows whatever phone is active at the time. This means that once the iPhone was activated on the line with the Samsung the insurance should have adjusted to cover the iPhone meaning the monthly rate would also increase on the insurance as with the deductible if you ever had to file insurance. As far as it being removed altogether perhaps T force can also take a look at that. Typically removing insurance is something someone has to do either through the my T-Mobile app online at their T-Mobile account page or by calling in or requesting that the feature will be removed as T-Mobile does not automatically remove insurance.