Galaxy S6 Edge + (S6 Series) Android Oreo 8.0 Update


    I have read on several websites that apparently Samsung is working to increase its support for android updates with google and carriers from what has mostly been a 2 year period to 3.  At an average of 1 full version per year this would mean the S6 series (which started at android 5.0) would be extended to android 8.0 for its final full OS update before support is dropped. I was encouraged when I found that T-Mobile had this page published online Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+: Manufacturer Development recently. Unfortunately, the same information has not made it to the primary device listing page at which lists all devices that T-Mobile has agreed to support android 8.0 updates. Can anyone confirm if T-Mobile is going to support a 3rd OS update for the S6 series? I would hate to think that Samsung and Google support this only to have my carrier (T-Mobile) drop the ball?

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