Digits,Beta offer, not free for LIFE?


    Has anyone else come across this when changing your plan?  As a Beta user of Digits, I was offered free digits for LIFE, (not the life of my plan)  Now that I want to switch my plan from the Simple Choice to the One Plan, I am told by TMobile  reps that if I change plan I will now have to pay for Digits and other reps have told me that I will continue to get Digits free for life.  Everyone I speak with is 100% sure what they are correct.   It is very difficult to get a firm answer from TMobile.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Digits,Beta offer, not free for LIFE?

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        Good call on switching over to the T-Mobile ONE plan. I can officially confirm that changing your plan from Simple Choice to T-Mobile ONE will not cause you to lose your free DIGITS line. We have a special code to enter on our end that makes your DIGITS line free.