Has this happened to you? Wrongful charges. Please help!!!


    I am so confused, when I opened my account in May last year with T-Mobile they added a tablet without my consent and they've been charging me for 9 months! I did not even know this was happening. I found out today that a tablet was on my line when I went to pay off my phone case I asked if the T-Mobile reps could call Customer Service for me and they did, (these guys at the store were very helpful and awesome dudes!) but the customer service lady for some reason did not see anything wrong with not giving any reimbursement at all (just a $20 gift card?!?!). Check your accounts, I would not want that happening to you guys and hopefully T-Mobile doesn't either (I'm not sure what to think of T-Mobile right now). What can I do if T-Mobile's own people don't want to assist me in rightfully providing a loyal customer a full reimbursement? Someone please help! This is not fair at all.

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      • snn555

        This is an unfortunate incident no doubt. Typically when buying new service or devices in store employees will offer to add on other services or products usually at no charge at that time and may be free after Bill credits or at a reduced rate. The most important thing is to check that purchase signature pad before agreeing to pay for any items or services. Once you sign it you agreed to pay for it. Also always check your bill every month despite it being on auto pay that way you can confirm that the charges are correct.


        You might also try to reach out to T-Mobile via Facebook or Twitter and speak with them and ask them to look into your situation and see if perhaps there is something that was missed or something that can be done to help.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Something's definitely wrong with this situation, magenta3830547, and I'm sorry this happened to you. As snn555 mentioned, it's possible that a promotion was taken advantage of. However, if the purchase was made on your account without your authorization, we absolutely need to look into this. With our internal systems, we have ways of viewing the account and purchase history to figure out how and who purchased the tablet. I agree with snn555 -- you should get in contact with T-Force (our Social Media Customer Care team) via Facebook or Twitter using the icons in my signature.


          Please keep us posted on your situation.

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