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How Do I Get My New Account Issues Resolved?


    What do I have to do to remove fraudulent charges from my account. Someone purchased $440.00 worth of merchandise from a T-Mobile in Washington State and charged it to my account. I live in California and never been in Washington State. For the last 2+ months I've talked to many of your reps, gone to the T-Mobile Store in Corona, California twice, they keep telling me that soon these charges will be removed from my account which is now on hold. The last time I was told the issue is now in the hands of the fraud department and they will take appropriate action to get my account back to normal, To this day nothing has been done. Really frustrated with this situation!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, becdach -- I'm sorry to read about this activity on your account! This sounds like a huge deal and something that we want resolved ASAP. I just noticed your post on a resolved thread, so I'm sorry for the delay. Have you been able to reach out and see if there's been any word back from the fraud report that was filed for your account over the past few days? Have you missed any calls from our T-Mobile team? How long ago was the report created?

        Thank you!

          • becdach

            Re: How Do I Get My New Account Issues Resolved?

            I have spoken to many T-mobile people about this. The last time about 3

            weeks ago I went to the T-Mobile store in Corona CA. They called customer

            support and told me that this issue is now in the hands of the fraud

            department and will be resolved by the next billing cycle. No one has

            contacted me about this and the problem was never resolved. I was told my

            account is on hold for 30 days to avoid suspension of service. I don't know

            what else to do, I can not believe is taking all this time to get this

            problem resolved. Please get back to me or call me, my cell phone


              • tmo_marissa

                Yikes, becdach -- this is a little longer than a typical fraud investigation takes to complete, in my experience.

                I removed the number from your post -- our Community is a public user forum, so we don't want anyone to snag your personal information and use it to spam you. We're also not able to review customer accounts from here; since this isn't a secure platform to verify your information. But this is definitely something that we want to get to the bottom of with you. If you reach out to our T-Force team through Twitter or Facebook, we have a method of authentication through those channels that can help keep your info safe. Once we've verified you, we can open up the account and get you a status update on this. I'm sorry to ask you to reach out when I know you're already going through such a trying experience, but we want to make sure that this is being resolved and worked on; especially if you have a hold on the account pending the resolution of this issue.

                Please keep us posted on how it goes!

                Thank you,