How to get rid of Bixbey


    I hate Bixby


    I have updated the program, turned the panel off, denied notification as possible, used a start up manager to get it to not start up

    Darn program keeps coming back

    I don't like some stupid Bixby thing letting me know what time it is or show me adds.

    It wont shut up. It wants to spill out its verbal garbage at the worst time

    Hate Hate Hate it

    If I would have know that Bixby was going to be part of the S8 operating system I would not have bought the phone, and gone with something else.


    Can T Mobile find a way to rid us users from this curse.


    Thank you

    ps I can jailbreak my phone just yet as Its still not paid for.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

        Hey there, magenta3017503. Sorry to read that Bixby is bumming you out! All of the steps that we have for various settings to turn aspects of Bixby on or off are here: Bixby vision: Samsung Galaxy S8 -- so in short, you're doing everything that we know how to do.
        That said, there may be steps elsewhere online for additional options -- we just can't guarantee or support them, especially when they may tamper with the warranty on your phone. I know you mentioned that you're still making payments on it, and also that you would've preferred a different device entirely if you could have anticipated the Bixby integration -- did you add JUMP! to your line when you got this phone, by any chance? If so, once you're at a 50% device balance, you could trade it in and have the remaining balance owed waived, and just start a new EIP for something else instead! I know it's sort of a far-fetched resolution, but I just want to toss it out there in case maybe it's the best idea for you.

        • magenta3128589

          Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

          1. Press the Bixby button.
          2. In the top right, tap the three dot menu button.
          3. Tap Settings.
          4. Scroll down to Bixby key. Tap on it.
          5. Set to Don't open anything.
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            • tronguy123

              Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

              And, so long as we're at it:

              1. Long press on a blank area so you can see the "Widgets, Wallpapers, Home Screen Settings"
              2. Swipe to the left until you get to the Bixby Home screen.
              3. Move the slider from right to left.

              Between magenta3128589 and the above you won't be able to get Bixby to start even if you want it to.

              (Undoing both of the above will get you Bixby back, if you really want it).

            • tmo_chris

              Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

              Helpful stuff here from magenta3128589  and tronguy123. Have you had a chance to try those steps to see if it helps?

                • magenta3017503

                  Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                  Yes, tried everything. Even forcing it to not start when phone restarts.

                  Bixby is the devil...


                  By turning off the side button as described that works to keep it from

                  starting when the side button is pushed.


                  If you turn off the slide on the top right of the pane, it will not slide.


                  There is no way to turn off voice notifications. They override Google voice.


                  If you can catch bixby in mid sentence you can turn the volume down,  it

                  says bixby voice, but in reality it's all system sounds.


                  I have turned off all Samsung updates, otherwise bixby comes back.


                  It is not listed in developers mode, but under system files there is a file

                  called bixby dummy. It cannot be deleted modified or turned off.


                  There is also no way to turn off bixby notifications, only make non priority

                  I am going to call Samsung support and will let you know.


                  Thank you everyone

                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                      Well that is truly a bummer. I am actually completely out of ideas unfortunately

                        • magenta3017503

                          Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                          Samsung's answer on how to get rid of Bixbey

                          You have to delete your entire Samsung account.

                          Kind of a drastic move since Samsung wants to back up data.

                          All Samsung apps are then disabled.



                            • tronguy123

                              Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                              Ok, guys, let's get real and stop passing around FUD. I've got a spanking new S8 here. The bixby button is disabled: See Magenta3128589's post, above. I note I found that one on my own 10 days ago after the nth time I hit that Bixby key by mistake. Then, disable the Bixby page in shortcuts screen.

                              Now, no Bixby. No Bixby voice; even if it got detected, it can't switch to that screen.

                              I hear you guys whining that you have to root the phone to stop Bixby. That's false. Rooting the phone is scary, because if for no other reason, banking apps won't install, typically, on rooted phones due to the security implications.

                              So, given that the statements about having to root the phone are false, raise fear about the solutions on a Samsung phone, and given the overall tenor of your posts, one is drawn inescapably to the thought that you're trolls.

                              Respond in grammatically correct English and prove me wrong, please.

                                • magenta3017503

                                  Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                                  Kind of you to answer in such a professional way.


                                  I spoke with Samsung support directly.

                                  As long as you Samsung account loads and logs in, bixby is not gone.


                                  For the S8 note the workaround will work.

                                  It's hit or miss for the plus.


                                  Please note the link to the Samsung support page.


                                  So far bixby is there just not operational.


                                  Make sure you restore anything backed up to the Samsung account before

                                  deleting your profile.


                                  Again this information comes from Samsung support. They tried hard to get

                                  me to keep bixby for ads and to push their data..


                                  Thank all for the help

                        • tronguy123

                          Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                          OK, magenta3017503. My apologies about coming over a little rough. But what you're describing is kind of weird.

                          So, I got a T-Mobile branded S8 right smack dab in front of me.

                          1. Hit the Bixby button: Nothing happens.
                          2. Yell "Hey Bixby" at the phone. Nothing happens.
                          3. Swipe to the right from the home screen. Nothing happens.

                          Starting with Bixby out-of-the-box and working:

                          1. The Bixby button was killed by going into the settings (triple dot) in Bixby. Got to the Bixby button setting and disabled it.
                          2. In the same general area, killed the Bixby Voice slider.
                          3. Long press on the home screen so that widgets, wallpapers, and home screen settings are seen. Swipe to the right, then hit the slider at the top right of the Bixby home screen to disable the Bixby screen.

                          OK: At this point, Bixby is disabled. It can't come to life on button presses, speech, or funky window swiping. I didn't root the phone; didn't disable my Samsung account (which would be bad); or do anything out of the ordinary.

                          Now, just for curiosity's sake, let me check the App Manager in settings.. Yep, Bixby Global Action, which I presume is the App, is there. Intestingly, it's claiming that it's used 2% of the battery since the phone was last charged. All right: So, even though it's disabled from the user interface point of view, it looks like it's cranking background CPU cycles.

                          Ha. Now, if that's what you're talking about, maybe you've got a point. So, let's look at this: There's the usual Disable and Force Stop buttons in the app manager for this app. Hit the Force Stop: That seems to have worked, right along with the usual warning, "Force stopping an app may cause errors". Fine.

                          Next, hit the Disable button. Got the next usual warning: "Other apps using this one may have errors" or whatever. Fine. Next, "Do you want to replace this app with the factory version? All information and settings will be lost." Fine, I'm not using it anyway.

                          OK. now the Global Action Bixby is MIA. But, there's more: Bixby Home, Bixby Service, and Bixby Voice. Fine, let's get these stopped, too.

                          1. Bixby Home, first. Result: Force Stop works, Disable is grey'd out.

                          2. Bixby Vision, second. Force stop works. Disable is grey'd out.

                          3. Bixby Voice, third. Force stop works. Disable is grey'd out.

                          4. Bixby Service, fourth. Ha. This one can do both Force Stop and Disable. Do both. Interesting. The Disable goes grey, but the Force Stop stays active.

                          Check the list of disabled apps: Under System, Bixby Global Action and Bixby Service is dead.


                          At this point: Yes, Bixby is in flash ROM and, from the perspective of taking up the equivalent of hard drive space, yep, it's there. But it's not running, not from the User Interface nor from the perspective of background CPU cycles. Frankly, it's no different than any other factory-installed (or cell phone company) installed cramware: It takes up space but can be disabled. I came from Verizon: You would not believe the number of Verizon-installed apps: Mapping, ring tones, network storage, TV controller (yeah, an S5), IMDB, and any other blame app from software vendors who've paid Verizon to install their non-removable software on punters' cell phones, half of which want money to either run in the first place or to get rid of the ads. All that stuff takes up room that might be better used by applications of the users' choice, but such is life. From that perspective, Bixby is no worse and no better, except that it comes from Samsung. Disabled it can be so it doesn't bug people in their normal lives.

                          Cleaning all the Bixby stuff from flash so it frees up the space; well, that can be done, but it does mean rooting the phone, which one Really Does Not Want to Do. But if one isn't running out of space, why bother?


                          So, I have to ask: I presume you're disabled the Bixby button, Bixby Voice, and the Bixby home screen - and you're saying it's still going live? No offense, but what kind of keystrokes makes that happen? I'm genuinely curious.

                            • magenta3017503

                              Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                              I have a G950u model S8 purchased from Tmobile 2 months ago.

                              Running Android version 7 with Samsung experience version 8.1

                              HAL is current


                              My build is 9rd90m us version


                              Saomc sm g950u oyn tmb 0195


                              I'm running nugent 7.0 you may already have oreo as it was pushed out Jan 2.

                              I am also on a family plan with enterprise discount.


                              That may be the difference.

                              Deleting the Samsung profile did work for me to disable bixby.

                              But it dosent disable the button or pane.


                              It's straight Google now.


                              I can deal with that. No more nagging bixby reminders or ads...


                              I would never use the clouds in Samsung or Google anyway. Too much of a

                              security risk. Now I don't have to.


                              Thanks for all your help


                              Magenta...something. MCP A+ Net+ Cisco

                                • tronguy123

                                  Re: How to get rid of Bixbey


                                  OK, so I got this phone just before Christmas. Android Version 7.0, Experience 8.1, Security Patch Level 12/1/2017, SM-G950U, load G950USQS2BQL1. So, I'm on Nougat as well; at this time, Oreo hasn't been dropped on T-Mobile unless one is in the beta program, I think. Sometime towards the end of this month or the middle of next, I'm guessing, is when the rest of us hoi polloi will get it.

                                  "Enterprise" discount implies that you're phone is under some corporate plan, I think. I use mine with my company; Intune, Knox, Outlook, all that good stuff, but it's still under my consumer plan, not corporate, so I'm not getting any discounts .

                                  About the only thing I can think of is that sometimes corporate-managed phones don't allow one to change things. In my case, with the management software they have me running, if I do something My Corporate Masters don't like, they just disable my access and pop up complaining notices.

                                  Besides, they'd hardly complain if I disabled Bixby: Bixby wants all your data all the time, and me asking about resistor values and other work-related stuff would go straight into Samsung's databases, and that would generate a frown from the security types who care. I hesitate to think what they'd think of the Google Assistant, but I have most (but not all) of that data-gathering turned off, too. Yes, I wear a tin-foil hat .

                                  Glad to see that you've fixed your problem. But it sure sounds weird that disabling the button, Voice, and the Bixby Home Screen didn't do the trick for you, as it has for me.

                                  Besides.. Maybe I'm missing something, but one thing the Samsung Account does is have your phone registered. That actually has a use. During the Great Phone Swap in my household last month, I had reason to factory reset my Galaxy S5. Being a hardware type, I looked up and did the hold-the-right-buttons-down-in-the-right-sequence dance to do that factory reset, as compared to navigating through the menus to do it.

                                  When the phone came up, before allowing me to do much of anything in confirming that all that data was gone, gone, gone, it prompted me with something more or less along the lines of, "You've done a hardware factory reset. Prove that you're the owner by logging onto your Samsung Account", with the implied threat that the phone would be promptly bricked if one didn't do that.

                                  Ayup, that makes sense: If a thief had stolen the phone and sold it to the nearest idiot, that would prevent said idiot from using the phone. And attempts to unlock it after that would (a) not work if done at home and (b) would attract the attention of uniformed personnel if said phone was taken to a phone store. Both the iPhone and Android ecosystems have moved in this direction, the idea being to make stolen phones useless. I did gift the phone to someone who could use it, but only after very carefully deleting said phone from the account.

                                  So, when you deleted your Samsung account, did you also delete your phone registration as well? If so, you may have made your phone a target for thieves, maybe.

                                  Have a good one.

                                    • magenta3017503

                                      Re: How to get rid of Bixbey

                                      Thank you sir

                                      We may never know why.

                                      I'm using lookout for security and find.

                                      Had same issue with a 5.

                                      Thanks for the help.

                                      I hear oreo is being pushed to the note and plus in some markets.

                                      Thanks again, I will post if any changes.

                                      Careful with that tin had when there is lightening