Could not connect in Central Western TN - Sandy Springs


    Was able to use 1 phone purchased from T-Mobile S8 over wireless, but the S6 that I brought over from att to T Mobile would not connect to wireless for calls

    How can I totally free myself from the dirt of ATT on my S6 since it was unlocked and now is on T Mobile.

    ATT bloat ware will not go away. Still searches for ATT hotspots.

    Its been a good phone and works perfect when in good range.

    Any ideas

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      • tmo_marissa

        Aw, shucks, magenta3017503! Sorry you found yourself in this predicament. I took a look at Sandy Springs on our internal map, and it looks like coverage there is contingent upon having a device that's compatible with Extended Range LTE, 700MHz. Your S8 would be able to pick up signal, but the S6 would not. Were you just doing some sightseeing, or is this an area you'll be visiting often? We have a list of Extended Range LTE | 600 MHz & 700 MHz Compatible Phones in case you anticipate needing coverage in this area frequently!


        As far as the bloatware concern, I'm at a loss there. Beyond the basics outlined in our Bring your own device (BYOD) guide, our support is a little limited when it comes to non T-Mobile devices. Are there just apps that you can't delete? When you say that your S6 is searching for AT&T hotspots, are these hotspots that you'd previously connected to and can delete, or do you see any options in hotspot settings that might help with that?

          • magenta3017503

            We were visiting in the area for 12 days. Its TN so I expected hills and


            I could only connect over Wi-Fi. Its a dead area for tmobile in the

            surrounding 6 miles.

            Re att bloat wear. When not near a tower it reverts back to att settings

            even with tmobile SIM.

            Had to manually reset network settings.

            We are home now, so all is well... otherwise, in flight worked top notch,

            I65 from indy to Nashville worked great. Cincinnati area great.

            Only service in Sandy springs area is nasty att and junk version.

            Many are looking for a better carrier there..


            Thanks for responding

            Tmobile rocks


              • tmo_marissa

                Well, I'm glad to hear that aside from the coverage issue with your device in this area, the other aspects of your trip went well! I hadn't heard of equipment resetting itself to the original carrier's network, but that sounds frustrating. I'm glad you have the tools and knowledge to set them back up, though! Kudos for that, BYOD can be a learning curve for some folks but it sounds like you're doing great!


                I checked out the area around Sandy Springs and it looks like we have a store and wider variety of network bands not too far from there, in Clarksville, so hopefully this is an area where we'll fill a gap someday!

                Thanks for taking the time to visit our Community.