coverage map is falsei


    I have a brand new moto z2 force and the coverage map says there is service in Millville, PA with the phone i have and i have none from just entering the outside of town all the way to the other. I work in the area and need my phone for work, this is very disappointing when my work my cell phone is my most important tool. I am considering switching to verizon who has full uninterrupted service everywhere.

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      • snn555

        Re: coverage map is falsei

        You need to contact T-Mobile to find out if there is any issue for which to be rectified especially if in case it is the phone and not the network if everyone else is phones work fine in the same area. You have to go with the carrier that has the coverage you need suffice to say Verizon does not carry uninterrupted service everywhere as no carrier has 100% coverage everywhere.

        • zeroktal

          Re: coverage map is falsei

          Millville? That brings back memories. I was originally from Bloomsburg. You are correct there is little to no coverage with T-Mobile there.