Still "Searching" after almost a year


    In May of 2017 my husband and I upgraded our phones (Note5 & Edge 6+) to Nougat. Within hours, we BOTH began having issues with dropping the network. At home, out and about, it doesn't matter. Anywhere we previously had service, we started dropping. We can manually search for the network and reconnect, but some days (like today, it is 10AM and I've had to reconnect 16 times already) it is a never-ending battle.


    We have spoken to Tech support & customer service. My phone has been traded on warranty (and I had to pay for that!?) and our Sims have been exchanged. We have factory reset multiple times. Finally to be told that our phones are no longer compatible with the network (what in the world?) and that T-Mobile will not assist in solving the issue because it is MY responsibility to ensure my phone's compatibility. Now, we're our phones prehistoric, I could understand. But they are not. Had they been incompatible when we purchased them, I could understand. But we purchased them FROM T-Mobile. Less than 2 years ago. And WE didn't change the danged network.


    There has to be a mutually agreeable solution? Anyone else have the same issues?

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