I never received the rebate from the May 2017 Promotion -- Buy one get one free


    FAKE promotion --   Back in May of 2017 T-Mobil had a promotion buy one Galaxy 8 get one Free


    I bought the phones and registered with Samsung.  I receive all the gifts from Samsung but I did not receive the rebate from t-Mobil to cover the price of the second phone.  


    The store that sold me the phone indicated that it was going to credit me $30 a month until the phone is payed.  No credit was added to my account.


    Not happy with T-MOBIL

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there, magenta2367243! This is definitely a huge bummer to have missed out on. I took a look back through our expired promotions and do think I found the one you're referencing -- it ran at the same time as the special offers from Samsung, from May 12 - 24. I know that this promo would have been a separate online submission on our promo site with the code 17SAM8BOGO -- do you still have the tracking information from your submission? Were you ever able to look into your submission status?

        I want to be totally straightforward here -- at this point, it looks like because of the time that's elapsed since the promo initially ran, the standard escalation process for this promotion has closed. That said, we definitely think it's worth a shot to get in touch with an internal team and see if there are any options here on an individual basis to look into this. I can definitely understand that this is a big loss, and so to me it seems worth the effort! If online communication is preferable, you're welcome to reach out to our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook so that we can take a look at this and see if there are any resolution options at this point.


        - Marissa

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          • magenta2367243

            Dear Marissa,




            Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am attaching the sales receipt with a note from the store manager indicating that T-Mobil own me $690.   




            Since August of 2017 I have been trying to receive the rebate.  In October the rebate department offered $200 to close the case.  That was very offensive and bad customer service.  That is when I went back to the store that sold me the phones and got the signed document and email attached.




            Once again, thank you for your attention and I hope we can solve this issue soon.




            Carolina Holtmeyer

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            • auigudf8

              Hello Marissa,

              In lieu to this issue and being one of the unfortunate "shifters" from our then carrier(s) in my case 12 yrs from AT&T I do have the same Mother's Day BOGO in May of 2017.

              I am still waiting up to now for the PROMISED REBATE and the Carrier Freedom thingy offered to me. In my case it's a total upwards to $1500 CiTi Digital Mastercard credit to used as payment towards the two S8+ phones = FREE. Plus the last bill that we've paid to the tune of $1032.

              May I say that this is not an acceptable response for us here. Correct me if I got it wrong... you are telling us to get in touch with INTERNAL PERSONNEL of T-Mobile to get our issue resolved?

              Is it true that there was a deal-breaker deal thingy between CiTi and T-Mobile that is why many of us are here crying out for Your PROMISE OF A REBATE AND THEN GETTING A FREE PHONE? And T-Mobile is dodging us now here?

              If you, Marissa is not the internal personnel laid out to handle our claims, Who? Please direct us to him or her or them.

              My wife is the only force (and I love and respect her) that is holding me not to get in touch with Jesse Jones of Kiro7 to finally spill the garbage that is being kept here.

              It was a WOW that I ditched my 12 years with yeah, same BS company politics... for you guys just to be F'ed up front in the first 3 mos.

              I'l Just say 9 CSRs here in the States and abroad combined and 6 months of being thrown to a wall by a promised escalation after escalation of my plea for help. Yes! It is definitely a BUMMER and sucked to be me and the few hundreds perhaps even more to be in our current predicament.

              Why? Can't you intervene even more and help me and the OP like you and Chris helped the others with the same REBATE problem? One I was following got credited the PROMISED REBATE towards their monthly bill. The other with your intercession or aid and Chris again got an expedited (deserved) treatment for their REBATE.

              Also, why does it seems to be difficult to be directed to this place in the community forum or is it just me? Apparently there are hurdles and misdirections to get to the topic of UNCLAIMED REBATES, Bog offers and the likes? It's a pinch of salt to our open wound, no?

              Chris mentioned in one of his messages that it is rather impossible to pinpoint as to whom should get what.


              EDIT: Tmo_chris- Removed personal information.


              Very truly yours,

              INCONVENIENCE FEE (This is an understatement to the Nth degree actually)

                • tmo_chris

                  Hey magenta2367243  and auigudf8,


                  I know that rebates and carrier freedom reimbursements play a huge factor in your decision to upgrade or switch to us and it should never feel like jumping through hoops to get what you were promised. The fact of the matter is that if you qualify for the rebate or reimbursement, we will give it to you. If in the unfortunate event the promotion is denied, we will need to take a closer look at what happened and if it was a T-Mobile error, you can rest assured that we will make it right.


                  Since rebates and promotions like these rely heavily on account specific requirements, we will need to look at your specific accounts to see what happened and what needs to be done to correct the issue. Here on a user forum, we the community manager team, do not have access to customer accounts but if you prefer written correspondence, our T-Force team on Facebook and Twitter will be able to work with you over private message. You can use the links in my signature or the direct links below to reach out T-Force team.


                  T-Mobile Help (@TMobileHelp) | Twitter


              • glitton

                I too haven't received my rebate for the apple 2 for 1 promotion.  This is the only reason I moved to Tmobile from ATT.  According to customer service, they never received the old iphones that was needed to get the 2 for 1 promotion.  I went to the store 3 times in the last 4 months in order to straighten this issue and finally on the third try, the sales guy who sold me the phones was there and he informed me that he did mail in the phones.  However, they needed the IMEI number of the old phones in order to track it.  how do I find this number?  By looking at my old account which I can't cause it is inactive or by looking at the box where the old iphone came in.  Who keeps the box of a 4 year old phone???  So I am screwed.  There is no way for me to get this rebate.  TMobile, if you can't execute on a promotion, don't do the promotion and have so many unhappy customers!!!

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