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    T-Mobile is a straight up SCAM. I have been a customer for many years but am definitely looking elsewhere now. I took part in their Magenta Friday BOGO NOTE 8 deal and just found my rebate status as DENIED. Look, I went in your store and had YOUR employee walk me through everything to do to get the rebate and did what they said. I added a line etc. And now I am denied an $800+ rebate. I don't think so. I will go through all channels available to get the rebate that is rightfully mine!

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Welcome, magenta3779641 -- I wish you were visiting our Support Community with a better experience to report. I definitely appreciate your desire to get to the bottom of this, since $800 is a lot of money! It sounds like you checked your rebate status with the tracking number on the promotions site -- have you had a chance to reach out to our rebate team yet and get some details on what's going on with your submission? Since you mention in your original post that we walked through the promo with you, I'm hoping that this means that the denial is an error that an internal team can correct. The rebate team's contact information is:


        Press 1 for English.

        Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

        Press 2 for General Instructions

        Press 1 for Additional Assistance.

        Please keep us posted on how it goes!


          Re: Samsung BOGO

          I have been a T-mobile customer for many years. I have actually convinced some of my friend to try t-mobile.

          Back in September I tried to take advantage of the BOGO promotion with 2 note8 phones. So far no rebate. I called customer service. They have given me the cold shoulder. Even though I had done every thing required. They really should be called terrible mobile. They are just becoming too big now that they don't give a damn if they loose some customers. Looking for alternative service providers right now..

            • tmo_marissa

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              Oh, no! We'd hate to see you go after such a long time! I know you mentioned that you've reached out to our Care team; and I'm so sorry to read that you didn't feel supported. Have you had the opportunity to work with our rebate team directly using the number and prompts in the post marked correct on this thread? They directly support these types of promotions and should be able to see exactly what the hang-up is here!