About to leave T mobile and I haven't even technically joined!




    I am literally about to blow a gasket. I have NEVER been this furious in my life!


    I called T Mobile a week ago to join and switch from my carrier Republic Wireless and the guy on the phone was very helpful and ordered the Sim card from the phone for me. I am bringing my old phone to T Mobile.


    I wait a week for the Sim to get here in the mail. When it arrives I am excited and think, "ok, this will take 30 minutes and I will have "unlimited" data". Haha, yeah NO. This was about 3 days ago and I am still waiting to switch. I switched my phone number over to T Mobile from Republic Wireless and was told it could take up to 24 hours. I wait 24 hours, nothing happens. I am then told that I have to wait 72 hours for a credit check, I wait 72 hours, nothing happens.


    T Mobile gives me 30 minutes of texting or calls while I wait for my phone to switch to T Mobile, I blew through that in the first day of waiting because I had to contact customer support. This means I have no way of contacting support because I cant call anyone!!!


    What in the hell is this? I can't even log into my account, because I don't have a password, and when I try to reset the password it says that it will send me a verification code for free. Guess what? I DON'T GET ONE. So I can't login to my account, I am not even sure if I have one, but it says I do, and I can't call support because T Mobile has a totally a$$ backwards process and blew up my 30 minutes. Now my number is switched to T Mobile and my other carrier cut me out, which means I have no service and I have to go through the headache of switching back, moving my number back, or wasting my money on a different carriers sim card and going through this crap show again.


    I swear if I am looped back through some foreign Malaysian support again I am totally done with T Mobile. I cant take this anymore. It is ludicrous that I am still waiting this long and I have no service.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey easton7,


        I am so sorry it is proving to be so hard to switch to us. You can rest assured this is not the experience we want our customers to have to endure. When you were told you had to wait 72 hours for a credit check, were you told that you would be receiving a follow up or that you needed to call us back? What is the last thing our activations team advised you of?

        • stevetjr

          easton7  your calls to TMO support shouldn't burn minutes on a TMO SIM, if they are they need to get you some more and make sure to dial 611 with the TMO SIM and even if it's out of minutes it should go thru to customer support regardless.


          Second understand it is not T-Mobile, other carriers are notorious when porting numbers sometimes and will drag their feet because the are losing a customer so they have no incentive to move it along and while most porting happens within 24 hours I have heard some that have dragged out but again look who has the incentive to slow the process down, it's not T-Mobile they want to start getting revenue, Republic doesn't want to lose the revenue. 


          If you don't want to use 611 another great way to get really good customer service is by using T-Force via their social media channels, I have yet to hear of a problem they don't get resolved (other than the outrageous, I want a bunch of free stuff that no other customer gets LOL) just use the link here Contact Us and connect via Twitter or FB (I personally prefer the FB path).

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            • easton7

              "minutes on a your calls to TMO support shouldn't burn TMO SIM, if they are they need to get you some more and make sure to dial 611 with the TMO SIM and even if it's out of minutes it should go thru to customer support regardless", yeah, that's what I thought, but every time I call support, even the 611 number it does not let me. Then my account (of which I don't even know if it actually exists) says I have an account, but don't have a password, then I try to reset the password, but guess what? You have to receive an email, which then takes you to a page to reset your password, which then says you will receive a TEXT message to give you a code to get into your account. I cant get text messages because Republic Wireless or T Mobile wont let me.


              Then furthermore when I try to call someone or text someone on my T Mobile Sim, it says "Republic Wireless: This phone isn't configured to make calls. Do you want to change this phones plan?" I am not even on Republic Wireless anymore and my number is with T Mobile!


              The T Mobile app, which is supposed to activate your phone and phone number does not open, it says the app is experiencing issues, which means when I have the T Mobile sim in my phone it wont activate. Yet when I called customer support (cant now) they simply said "it will take less than 24hrs for your number to switch to T Mobile, usually less than 2hrs. Yep, waited 48hrs since then and my number is with T Mobile, but T Mobile wont let me in.

              • easton7

                Honestly, at this point I just want a master kill switch to totally remove both carriers from my phone, keep my number, and leave to a new carrier which is actually cheaper than T Mobile, just as fast, and provides more data...


                For god sakes I cant text or call anyone, and honestly I am tempted to try and call 911 just to see if it even goes through, because I cant call anyone, and I start back to college in 2 days driving an hour one way, god forbid if something were to happen and I am just standing around (or dying) because neither carrier is letting me call anyone.

              • stevetjr

                First, 911 will work on any cell phone even without a SIM card so you would never have to worry about that.


                Trying to switch to a 3rd now would really cause issues since your number is stuck in porting limbo, which does unfortunately happen sometimes and 9 times out of 10 it's because of losing carrier dragging their feet.


                which carrier provides more data??  T-Mobile is unlimited, doesn't get anymore than that and even their "prioritization" program which all the carriers do is about 10GB higher than all the others.

                  • easton7

                    My point is that I don't know if it would even let me dial an emergency number because this is so messed up an not making any sense. So what should work like an emergency number working on everyone's phone regardless of signal probably wont, at least with my current luck.


                    That's what is utterly hysterical, my number is with T Mobile, but apparently it is also with Republic (I assume). In my eyes both carriers are the issue, because even if it is Republic causing the problem, T Mobile is literally doing nothing to fix it. So I am just waiting around, waiting, waiting, waiting....for NOTHING. Seriously how long will I wait? I have already waited longer than required. Now is the point of action, so if T Mobile wants a customer they'd better act quickly, because in less than 12 hours I am switching to Sprint, I already have a Sprint sim card, and if I have to I will ditch my number completely to avoid this fiasco. The only thing I actually want is a hotspot, I had no other reason to switch from Republic, and I will just carry around a Sprint hotspot card around with my phone connected to it to #1 get a hotspot for my pc, and #2 to cut out the ridiculous cost of mobile cellular data completely, paying a total of $75 a month for 25gb of 4g lte hotspot and talk and text.

                  • stevetjr

                    As I said any cell phone even a 15 yo phone will dial 911 on anyone's network that it can see whether you are a customer or not, it's a requirement of all cell phones sold in the US and as I even said it doesn't even have to have a SIM card in it.


                    As for the other part, yes T-Mobile may "have your number" but if Republic didn't or hasn't released it correctly then the "switching" systems don't know where to route calls and etc to.  I have seen this before and it eventually gets resolved but I have also seen where when this is happening and they try to go to a 3rd carrier and have it screwed up so long that they just end up getting another number.  Even if you decided to leave although I would go anywhere but Sprint trust me on that one, I had a Sprint company phone and just forwarded it to my TMO phone and put it in a drawer the coverage was so bad but again even if you decide to bail I would wait until your number is fully released and at TMO before trying to switch again or you will end up with an even bigger mess. 


                    Have you reached out to T-Force via FB to see if they can escalate the porting status?

                      • easton7

                        I am just going to totally delete my number and start fresh, just press the nuclear button because this is insane.


                        I don't want to switch to sprint, because their service is unknown, I know T Mobile has great service where I live because Republic Wireless, at least in my area, uses T Mobile and I get the speeds I desire. Also, none of the carriers have "unlimited", it doesn't exist. I don't even see how it is allowed, because what they do is slow your speed down to 10kbps which in 2018 can barely load a webpage.


                        Moving my number at this point probably is not an option, mostly because it got sucked into a wormhole and is apparently in another dimension. So I suppose I am either going to have to call T Mobile (on someone else's phone) and forget about getting this fixed, but tell them to make a new number and switch my phone to talk and text.


                        One unknown about T Mobile is their hotspot plans, would you happen to know how much they cost and the data allowed? Because if I can, it is easier for me to keep my phone and hotspot in one carrier. Sprint has a limit of 2mbps on their hotspot for one of the main things I would use it for, which is essentially throttling it down to 3g from 4g LTE.

                        • easton7

                          Also, if by FB you mean Facebook, then no. I don't have a Facebook account and never plan on making one, for any reason.

                            • tmo_chris

                              Hey easton7


                              There is without a doubt something going on with your number port. I know that you are not able to make calls right now due to this issue and that you do not have a Facebook account so contacting our care team is not really an option for you that is unless you have a Twitter account? If not, we still need to access your account to see what is happening here and we do not have that kind of access here on a user forum. So if you do not have a Twitter account nor another phone to call our care teams on, you may have to stop by a T-Mobile store. I understand this is not the optimal resolution but the fact of the matter is that a specialist needs to look at your account.


                              As for 911 emergency calls, the phone need only have signal bars to make the call. There does not even need to be an active account associated with the SIM card that is in the phone.

                                • easton7

                                  I called support from someone elses phone, got handed around down to tech support, and ultimately he said to call Motorola or Republic Wireless. I didn't call Motorola as that would be pointless because it isn't hardware related, but I contacted Republic Wireless and they said that I would have to wait 72 hours... The same thing T Mobile said. The problem is that I don't even know when that started, I assume when I called to switch my number, so it would have been around 72 hours already.


                                  Why am I having to wait this long for my plan to switch anyways? This is 2018, we are building Artificial Intelligence that can make their own languages and we are about to go to Mars, yet I have to wait 3 days for something that should take no longer than 30 minutes. Hell, I just got a physical package delivered from Hong Kong to Texas faster than this is taking. What sucks is I don't know if it will actually free up my phone in who knows how long, I could be waiting another week, needless to say my patience is running out.

                            • tmo_mike_c



                              Have you gotten an updates on your port? Please let us know if this was taken care of. Thanks.