Blocked device


    Good afternoon

    A friend of mine bought an IPhone 7 Plus here in Brazil and is blocked.

    The IMEI is: 355374080948136

    How can we unlock to use?


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      • snn555

        Re: Blocked device

        Depending on how the original owner bought the phone they will need to have it unlocked. You would have to be a T-Mobile customer in the US to unlock it. Again you need the original seller to handle the unlocking process. If this phone was purchased on a third-party reseller site you may need to request a refund.

        • suportetecnico

          Re: Blocked device

          My iPhone was purchased at an Apple Authorized Premium Reseller in Brazil and after six months of use without problems, the iPhone had its IMEI blocked by the American T-Mobile carrier.

          The IPhone was purchased in Brazil and used only in Brazil. What is the procedure for unlocking the IMEI of this iPhone? I only used Brazilian carrier SIM card on the IPhone.

            • magentalifer

              Re: Blocked device

              That stinks that the IMEI has been blockedā˜¹ You might want to contact the seller of the device and let them know what has happened. The only way to unblock an IMEI is to find out what account it was purchased under and have an authorized user of that account contact T-Mobile to unblock it.

            • magenta4075054

              Re: Blocked device

              Good evening . I'm from Brazil, I bought a 16GB iphone 6s abroad. I was using it for over 1 year and 2 months when the phone stopped accepting call, when I checked it was blocked by T-Mobile. I wonder why it was blocked and how to unlock it. IMEI 355733072895854.

              • christy553

                Re: Blocked device

                I bought anew phone got service would it work in my area,..wanted to use on AT&T paid a lot for phone but T Mobile has it Blocked so I can’’s stupid they do that. As much as I ended up paying for the IPhone I should be allowed to use it on any carrier I want to and it’s not my fault their service does not work in my area..they should of told me that from the beginning before I wasted a lot of money for a useless phone... and to get out of the service contract.. they don’t even care or bothered to check that their service didn’t work in my area when they sold me the I am now stuck with A IPhone I used a month