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    Let me start by saying that I have been a t-mobile customer in the US since they bought out voicestream, and I have been a loyal customer at that. Now I have 6 lines currently and one of those lines is on JOD for the last 4 years or so. I have been upgrading my phone thru JOD on a regular basis every year or so. The last phone I got was the Galaxy S8, got it on pre-order on JOD and payed $0 down payment. I called 611 in December 2017 inquiring about upgrading to the Note 8 and was given a quote of basically $1 more (then the galaxy S8) monthly, and $0 down payment. Today, less then a month later, I call 611 asking about the Galaxy S8 Active, which cost the same as my Galaxy S8 cost on pre-order last year and $100 less the the Note 8 currently, and was told that I had to give a $150 down payment for JOD for the S8 Active.


    Now, I asked multiple times if T-Mobile's pricing policy changed and was told multiple times "no". I know my credit didn't change, so what is going on? Also, I was really angry with the customer service re because he continuously tried to up sell me. If I am the one calling you, don't try to up sell me. And on top of it all, I never got the text to rate my CS experience, I always got that text in the past, when the CS experience was positive, very interesting.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: JOD Pricing

        Hey, magenta3781376, and welcome! I'm sorry that it sounds like there's been some confusion around the up front pricing for JOD orders, and we haven't done a great job of clearing it up. We have made changes to the down payment pricing somewhat, because some devices do have required down payments at this point for well-qualified customers, and I know that if you've had JOD since it was initiated you can recall a period when well-qualified meant $0 down on all devices. As super-phones offer more and more, both in terms of features and quality hardware, the pricing on some of these devices has increased, and the JOD and EIP programs have shifted somewhat in terms of the up front pricing requirements now that overall MSRPs are higher. Different devices will have different down payment options available, so your best bet would be to work with a team with account access who can review your individual pricing options device by device.


        From the sound of things, based on both your tenure and your history with previous $0 down payment requirements, you would have excellent account standing. Our team doesn't access accounts or place orders, but I do believe that the S8A is in a tier where a down payment is required for well-qualified customers, both on JOD and EIP. I hope that we're being straightforward when we're discussing this with you, and I'm sorry if at any point we misquoted the up front due -- we dropped the ball.


        Your other concerns are super valid as well. You're right that there's no need to make any sales offers that wouldn't be advantageous to you, and absolutely not necessary at all if you aren't interested. I do know that the service messages don't come after *every* interaction, but I want to alleviate any concerns that we may have failed to send one deliberately. These are automated, so I promise you that our representatives aren't choosing whether or not to initiate a review -- that wouldn't be fair, and we are interested in genuine feedback. Thank you for taking the time to log in here and share this experience.


        I know it sounds like you've reached out already, but if you'd like another review of the account, you're welcome to reach out to us at any time. Our T-Force team, the social support team on Twitter and Facebook, are fantastic -- we have a secure platform for account verification there, and we can do a double check on this and make sure we're quoting you the correct up front requirement. Thanks again for voicing your feedback.

          • magenta3781376

            Re: JOD Pricing

            My biggest problem is the lies I got form the CS rep, which quite honestly I have never encountered with T-Mobile CS before, and they were off shore reps. Anyway, I asked 3 times if the pricing policy changed and was told 3 times that it wasn't. I'm OK if the policy changed, it's bound to happen with increased device prices, but don't lie about it. Another lie I got is that all devices over $700 require a down payment. And when I asked why a down payment was not required for the Note 8 I was told "you must be mistaken".


            I don't mean to diminish anyone, and I personally have 12 off shore resources reporting directly to me, against my will. And I am familiar with their hiring and training practices, as well as their lack of work ethics. And I believe that T-Mobile is doing itself a disservice by having these people answer CS calls.