Need to log a complaint about a store supervisor


    Is there a way to email or post a complaint about the experience I had at a T-Mobile store today?  I don't want to call it in because I've already spent 43mins of my life on the phone with FOUR customer service reps to get the answer to the questions I tried to get answered at the store and cannot tolerate another unpleasant customer service experience.


    At 7pm on Jan 6th I went to a T-Mobile store to ask if I could purchase a sim card because the one I order was supposed to be delivered in 2 to 3 days but was still in transit after 6 days (note: I no longer need to purchase a sim card so no need to respond about the purchase of a sim card).  Here's what happened:


    1) I told the male customer service person that I had changed rate plans over the phone and my new rate plan required a different sim card. I explained that I had paid the appropriate fees over the phone but the card had not arrived yet so I wanted to buy one.  He said the sim card would be free if he could look up the order on my account.  He looked my account and said that he only saw OLD rate plan.  He asked if I paid the fees to switch rate plan and said yes and asked if he could look up the order. He turned to the woman working on the other register and she said they won't take my payment over the phone without switch my account over to the new rate plan.  She was wrong and the way she responded made it seem like she doubted I was telling the truth. As a supervisor, I expected her to have the same understanding of the process to switch from a pre-paid to post-paid plan as the customer service reps that answer the T-Mobile 800-number.  I would also expect her to respond to customers in a way that is not demeaning.


    2) The male rep told me she was the supervisor and asked if I had the receipt for my phone order.  I found it on my phone, he looked at it and then told me to leave the receipt displayed on my phone so that he could show it to the supervisor.  We waited several minutes for the supervisor to finish with the customer she was helping so that she could look at my receipt.  The supervisor took my phone scrolled through the receipt several times and then asked me why I needed a sim card.  This the same woman/supervisor who had incorrect information about the process for switching plans who asked me to explain why I was there for a second time in 15 minutes.   After I explained again that I was switching plans the supervisor said: "these plans have the same exact features so you don't need to switch."  She was wrong once again so I explained to her, the T-Mobile employee, that the plans did in fact have different features. I described one feature that was not available on the pre-paid plan, voicemail to text.  I would expect every employee at the T-Mobile store to know the difference between plans.  Furthermore, telling a customer that they did not need to switch plans after they had paid to switch plans and came into the store to inquire about the plan switch created a terrible customer service experience.


    3) Finally, the supervisor picks up a sim card and appears to start the process to give me the sim card I came in to get.  She pulls up my account on the screen and says she will have to create a new order for a new phone number to give a sim card.  This cannot be right and I have no more patience.  I threw up my hands and said no as I walked out wishing them both a happy new year.


    This unpleasantness took place at the Clark & Diversey store in Chicago.  It would be wonderful if someone could make sure that the supervisor gets training on the differences between plans and perhaps a cheat sheet that can be left at the counter for reference.  She is leading customers astray by telling them that the pre-paid and post-paid plans are identical.  Lastly, are supervisors not allowed to call into the 800-number when they don't know the answer to a customer's question or request?  She clearly did not know or understand the process for switching from a pre-paid to post-paid plan, but she made no attempt to get help when she needed it. 

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