I spent well over an hour on the phone today with various  T-Mobile Reps over a situation that is still not resolved.  I placed an order for some Note 8 accessories, gave my credit card information and signed the EIP document.  That was on January 2.  Here we are on January 5 with me being transferred to five different Reps, three of which could barely speak English, telling me my order was never completed because I did not sign the EIP form.  Now, I have an email stating that I signed it.  Heck, I could go into my documents on the T-Mobile Website and pull out the signed document, but somehow or another NO ONE at T-Mobile believes me.  I even spoke to a manager who only gave the idea of me physically going to a store and starting the process all over again.  Now, a little bit about me....I'm Active Duty stationed in Missouri.  I don't have a lot of time on my hands.  I have to answer to a higher authority with more rank than I have whenever I do some running around outside the range of my duty station.  T-Mobile stores, the competent ones, are not in abundance in this State.  You literally have to drive some miles to find a decent T-Mobile store.  The one store the manager  connected me to stated that he could hold some of the accessories for me but the rest would have to be back- ordered.  Which means me driving back to a store that's out of my range with me going away soon.  I was frustrated beyond belief.  I could print out this signed EIP document and fax or email it to the rep, but that's not how T_Mobile does business.  So now I have to search elsewhere to get my accessories because T-Mobile can't resolve my issue.   This is just plain horrible.

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        It's really important we get this sorted out for you. I understand that getting to a store is tough for folks with a busy lifestyle. Have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team? They have to tools to research your order on our end and get this resolved for you. Try messaging them through the Facebook or Twitter links on our Contact Us page or the links in my badge.

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          Hey there, magenta3749340! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to reach out to the folks in T-Force as Mike suggested. Were we able to get you some details about your order? I hope that this situation is on the way to a fix -- please keep us posted!

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              Good Evening,

              Sorry for the late response.  Just getting off work.  As for my accessories and my situation  - even though it does not show on my account a T-Mobile representative stated that the accessories were sent out.  I explained my entire situation - again - to Katilyn.  She stated that it was shipped out and even corrected an order that was in error.  Wish I had her when this initially started.  I look at what happened as a very bad day and a lesson learned that ordering Accessories or anything for that matter through T-Mobile may be a tiresome experience depending on the Agent.  Next time I'll get what I need through Wal-Mart.

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                  Re: ORDERING ACCESSORIES

                  We're so sorry that's your takeaway from this situation.


                  This is certainly not the norm, but we understand past experiences certainly color future ones. Our apologies and please let us know if there if there is anything else we can do to assist.