Phone says it's unlocked, but it isn't working





    Help out guys. Phone says it's temporarily unlocked (it's a T-Mobile phone), but when I put in a SIM card from another company it doesn't recognize the phone as unlocked as you can see in the images below. I tried putting in the T-Mobile SIM card, restarting the phone, putting the other company SIM card and restarting it again and still... I did not mess around with the T-Mobile unlock app, except for asking for the temporary unlock. The app has been on my phone from day 1. Haven't factory reset my phone nor have I rooted it. Never has the phone asked me for an unlock code when I put in the 'alien' SIM card, my option for unlocking has only been the T-Mobile app.

    I've had the phone since May. I'd also like to note that I temporarily unlocked it from December 6th to January 6th and it was working fine.


    What should I do?

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