I got cheated by T-Mobile, please be careful.




    Please be careful and spread the word to not be cheated. I was an AT&T customer and T-mobile offered be a dual promotion (BOGO - Buy one Get one Free; and Carrier freedom - T-mobile would pay for what is remaining on my AT&T phone up to $650 per phone). I know of few friends who switched to T-mobile because of this great promotion. So, I decided to switch as well. I called on Dec 21st, 2017 and T-mobile confirmed the dual promotion and I got 4 lines & phones. My new T-mobile phones arrived only on 27th. When I switched from AT&T to T-mobile, and called T-mobile to understand how to claim the dual promotions. Now, it looks like the dual promotions have ended and they are now offering me only one of the two (BOGO or Carrier Freedom).


    So, my first day of T-mobile experience itself, I felt cheated. I spoke to several managers and retention department supervisors andt what was even more disgusting was they were saying these two programs cannot be combined and were never offered. I know of friends who got these offers and I know my calls to them on Dec 21st were recorded and I asked them to review them. They would not...I asked if I can return the phones and switch back to AT&T and they said I would be charged $75 re-stocking fee per phone.


    My learning from this experience is that T-mobile is no better and may be worse than AT&T. My initial experience itself was horrible. Please do not fall in this trap and spread the word.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, dolphins!


        It's a bummer that we're meeting on these terms. I appreciate you sharing your experience even though I wish we left a much better first impression. I double-checked the offer because sometimes we have some stellar deals that would include everything you first mentioned. While I understand this is what you were told over the phone, the promotion does state that it cannot be combined with the carrier freedom offer. You stated that you have four lines with us. Did all of those four lines upgrade with the BOGO offer or just two?

          • dolphins

            Hi Amanda,


            As mentioned in my original note, the dual program was still going on when T-mobike signed me in. I know of friends who have got bot h bogo and carrier freedom. I can give names, telephone number and bring them in a call so we can compare to their account.


            I want T-mobile to send me the recordings of my first conversations with them on Dec 21st. The conversation was recorded and so we all can get the truth. Why am I being promised something to sign me up and offered half of it. Ok, let T-mobile apologize and let me know how else they want to compensate instead of only one program.


            To answer your question, I have 4 lines and they currently have BOGO on 2 of them, which means I would pay for 2 phones.

            What I prefer is for T-Mobile to offer carrier freedom for my 3 phones from AT&T (713614XXXX; 713614XXXX; 713614XXXX) and if they cannot give BOGO as well, then please offer some other way of compensation (like debit card) to offset my loss.





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