Wireless charging, which do you prefer fast or slow?


    After the wireless charger giveaway, became obsessed with wireless charging, it's so nice I brought a Samsung dual tray charger it doesn't fast charge which is fine. I like the fact I can wirelessly two devices at the same time. So I want to get some folks thoughts which method they prefer and why.

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      • tmo_chris

        I am still using a iPhone 7 Plus so no wireless charging for me When I had the S7 Edge, I bought a wireless charger (the regular one not the fast one) and I absolutely loved it. Since I only needed to charge my phone once a day, I would lay it on the charger at night and it was no big deal. Sometimes, when I used my phone a lot during the day, It would have been nice to slap it on a fast wireless charger for a bit but I still had the fast charging wall adapter for corded charging so I didn't see the need to drop another $80 on another wireless charger.