Moto z2 Force is horribly, horribly broken.


    After messing around with this phone for nearly a month now, I've just about had it. Never have I experienced a phone with so many issues straight out of the box!


    1) Group MMS works 5% of the time at best. 80% of the time, I receive separate messages from each member of the group chat. The other 15% of the time, I receive separate messages from each member of the group chat AND a message in the actual group chat. This has been broken from day one, and is STILL broken even after multiple patches AND the update to Oreo.


    2) 3rd-party messaging apps don't deliver notifications. I've found workarounds for this online that involve using ADB to disable Summit RCS, but we shouldn't have to debug our phones for them to work as intended. Broken from day one as well.


    3) I'm only receiving ~50% of texts on my device. After being told by multiple friends and coworkers that I've failed to respond to their texts, I decided to do some digging. Sure enough, I can see all my missed texts on T-Mobile Digits! Not on my phone, though! I've tried un-registering my phone from Digits, but to no avail. This has been a new development, seemingly occurring after the update to Oreo. No other changes have been made on my end.




    This is completely and totally mind blowing! SMS/MMS functionality is critical for a huge portion of your user base, yet it still remains broken months after the release of this device? Is anybody even looking into this?


    I'm truly blown away by the lack of response from T-Mobile. I've spoken to support on the phone multiple times and they've been no help at all. There are posts all over the T-Mobile and Lenovo support forums about the MMS issues, and still nothing.


    FIX IT!

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