Haven't got rebate card yet



    I have registered for t mobile rebate card on 27th Nov 2017. It is more than one month. When I check my status online on rebate page, it shows received since month. I called customer service. They don't answer properly. Can you please help me?

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      • magenta1888226

        Re: Haven't got rebate card yet

        I feel so screwed over by Tmobile it has been 8 weeks and status still shows received and when you call support they tell you it is still in the "Validation" state...WTH does this mean? I paid the bills and they still can't VALIDATE my purchase or what? Tmobile this is LOUSY service on your end. CALLED once again was sent to your rebate dept they customer service person placed me on a hold and NEVER PICKED BACK UP....Tmobile what are you hiding? This is totally unacceptable service to your customers. OR is this part of the game here your FORCING folks to buy this other line....get them to pay for something they don't need or use....make them buy the BOGO...promise them the rebate...COLLECT MONTHS AND MONTHS of payment from them .....THEN never send a rebate check or send it a year later as quiet a few of the posts on line talk about people waiting 10 months to get their rebate cards????? I DEMAND answers on this!!!

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Haven't got rebate card yet

          Hey magenta3740572 ,


          What specific rebate did you submit? The promotions website is the best place to keep track of your submission as you have been doing. Often times, it can take up to 8 weeks for some rebates.




          I am very sorry or rebate team did not come back to the line. It is possible that the call may have dropped on the representatives side but you still heard the hold music. Please know that it is never our intention make you feel deceived. If there is a rebate that you qualify for, we will definitely send it to you. You can reach our rebate team directly at this number and follow the below steps to speak with a live agent.




          Press 1 for English.

          Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

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          Press 1 for Additional Assistance.