Horrible Experience and Problem with iPhone X $300 trade-in!!


    On Dec 21st 2017, I went to a Redmond T-Mobile store to trade-in two iPhone X with one iPhone 6 and one iPhone 6 Plus on my account. There was no 256GB iPhone X in store so the store assistant told me that she would help get them shipped to my home. I specifically asked what to do with the old phone - should I bring them into store or should I mail them. She asked me to bring them back to store to do trade-in.


    The phone gets delivered a week later on 12/27/2017. After setting up the new phone and getting old phone ready for trade-in, I went to the same store today (1/5/2017) to send back the old phones. However, the shop assistant (another one) told me that I need to go to the T-Mobile web page to download shipping labels because the phone was ordered online. I thought it was the shop assistant who helped ordered online. The shop assistant today also told me that I need to go to my computer to print the shipping label, because it is not an option on mobile. Later in the evening, when I log onto T-Mobile.com on my computer, I could not find any shipping label print option on my order, so I decided to call the customer care to figure out what happened. The support agent tried to print my shipping label - but wasn't able to do that. After at least 30 minutes, he told me that I need to go back to store because I ordered my iPhone X from there. I told him that I just went to store during day time and they kicked me to online process. After several discussion, it was clear that he wasn't able to resolve the problem so I asked if I could just return the 2 iPhone X and got this message issue closed. He again told me I need to go back to store to return it. I was very angry at that time and asked if I could get this case escalated to someone else.


    Another lady got the phone and I have to repeat the same issues again with her, including the fact that I visited the store today. She asked me to go to store again on Monday and make it a 3 way conversation with the store assistant together. I insisted that she must either call the store first or be there for 3 way conversation. Frankly, I don't understand why I need to be in the store to resolve the T-Mobile internal issues. It should be resolved between customer care and the store itself and then instruct me on the right process to follow. I usually have all day meetings and very hard to get 1-2 hours out. I am willing to do this 1 time only if it will quickly resolve the issue and that both store/customer care will be there at the same time.


    It is very obvious that the store system and the online customer care are disconnected, and unable to see each other. This is such a horrible customer experience and unresolved issue that is making me very mad and I want to expose this issue in this forum.


    If I could neither return iPhone X nor getting the trade-in program done with $300 rebate, I will definitely leave T-Mobile!!!!


    I will keep posting my updates here. If anyone has faster/more convenient way to resolve issue, please share and it will be super helpful.

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      • nelfar212

        The correct process is the store is supposed to handle it. it's their policy. I don't know why you're getting the run around. I've been with TMO 10+ years and it's always been their policy. Why, I haven't gotten a straight answer as to why. I have sent numerous request to the higher ups to revise this policy. As it would ease the process for customers, I agree the burden should be on T-Mobile not us the customers. I as a customer could careless how you track your inventory, it just needs to be simple easy process for us to follow. If I order a phone online, or via tele sales, and want to exchange or return it to a store, we should be able to.

        • stevetjr

          magenta3751666 I have been with T-Mobile going on 15+ years and it has always been that on-line has to be done thru on-line and retail via retail as there are some promotions that are on-line. I suspect and while not appropriate I suspect the retail agent wanted the sale and whether new or didn't know any better only "retail" sales do the stores take the exchanges, on-line have always had to go back on-line. But if you look TMO has the highest customer service rating and generally has for years among the various full service cell carriers but like any retail organization this big you are going to get the occasional "problem" case like this.


          To get this solved I suggest using T-Force, as a Pillar on this site and quite a few years here I can tell you there isn't much they can't or I have seen that they don't get resolved. Just contact them via FB or Twitter (I prefer FB personally) from the link on here Contact Us  I am pretty confident they will get this resolved and restore you confidence in TMO.


          I will offer 1 piece of advice and this is for any carrier, if sending the phone back via USPS or UPS 1) make sure it has a tracking number, if it doesn't pay the few extra bucks to the prepaid label for insurance (which includes tracking) 2) don't use a drop, go to the counter and get a reciept which will show it in the system.  There are bad eggs in the system and they all know what a return phone label/package looks like and can't tell you how many stories on this site I have heard of phones getting put in drop boxes and disappearing into thin air.  

          • magenta3751666

            Thank you for helping out! stevetjr especially for detailed tips on shipping. I contacted T Force via Facebook messenger and was able to get shipping labels emailed to me finally. Yes, T-force response and resolution speed is much faster.


            After reading a few posts yesterday and today on trade-in issues in the discussion forum here, I feel like shipping process is another tricky path with all risks associated with it. There are people who claimed they have no cracking screen but was notified so and could neither get their phone back nor get the credit. There are also people who sent phone but T-mobile claimed they never received it.


            I am wondering -  would trade-in store a much safer experience to avoid these shipping risks? If phones are accepted in store, does it mean I am guaranteed to receive $300 credit? If so, perhaps I should try visiting store on Monday with customer care together and if still no resolution, I would try the shipping process.


            I am going to keep my confidence low until I start receiving confirmation that I'll get bill credits and I will continue sharing my experience here.

            • stevetjr

              The store trade in process can only be done when a phone is essentially purchased retail from store inventory, if it goes via the web even with store pickup the trade has to be done online.


              I am on T-Mobile JUMP (the original version) so I can JUMP (trade-in) phones twice a year and usually 1 of those yearly is a new release phone that I don't want to take a chance on being sold out forever so have no choice but to pre-order online so have done the return label process.  As long as you take reasonable steps I have never had an issue using the steps above.  Even on a pre-paid return label you can add services, if it's USPS don't let them tell you that you can't I have done it because some of the USPS ones don't have tracking so it's worth a few bucks for the peace of mind and I pay for insurance (which includes tracking) but in the end if you have proof it was delivered that's the big hurdle right there.  The other thing I do is take a picture/video of the phone being put in the package without a broken screen and also usually make sure it's packed well not just put in some plastic envelope that I know the phone could get broken.  I just look at it as some prudent precautions, I also know that where you are sending the phone is not actually T-Mobile, it isn't for any of the carriers they are all operated by 3rd party companies that have their own bottom line as their concern not yours or T-Mobile's.


              The biggest thing is tracking and NO DROPBOXES, get a reciept :-)