Credit history needed for postpaid plan WITHOUT PHONE?


    Hey Madams and Sirs,


    I moved to NYC 6 months ago from Europe (valid VISA/work permit), and now the first FICO scores are popping up as all my accounts have 6 months of age now (but one, which has 4, a Discover IT card).


    I am a little bit anxious about wanting to convert my Prepaid ($75 ONE Prepaid / month, 6 payments on time so far), to Postpaid as I would like to have the International Plus roaming Plan (as I visit my parents in Europe at least once every six months). Also for trips to Canada this would be nice.


    I find plenty of information about credit history length and score needed to get an EIP for a new phone - but I do not need that. Only a postpaid plan for one single line.


    (EQ, EX > 730, TU not enough information yet as onky Discover reports also to them).

    I would like to avoid a hard inquiry for nothing (when the odds are more T-Mobile disapproves that one line).


    Any hints?



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