Rebate card denied without reason



    I already posted here for not received rebate card till now. And I was replied back by asking that promotion website is the best way to register for promotion. Exactly i did the same way when i registered. Today i checked my status and it is denied.

    I have a family account of 8 lines. I bought two note 8 on two lines of my account. And my friend ( in same family account) bought two iphone 8 plus on same scheme and same day using another two lines. Each new phone has t mobile line with tmobile one plan. We satisfied all the requirements. Please check my issue. It is lot of money for me.

    the status for the apple bogo is still received. We did both at same time. I am right now in india visiting my family. I will be back in january end. It is very tough to call customer care. It is expensive. When i was going to travel india, i called to customer care just to make sure everything is okay. He said you are all set and you will definitely get rebate card. Then i flew to india. But i got denied. Please resolve my issue...please is lot of money for me.

    i am attaching screenScreenshot_20180110-155545.png

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      • snn555

        Re: Rebate card denied without reason

        The question would be did you activate a new line of service for each BOGO phone? That would mean that an eligible line bought a phone and used the free phone on a new line of service so if you bought 4 phones you would need to activate two new lines of service. That would be 10 Total Lines on your account.


        In other words you can't just get two iPhone 8 or two Note 8 and activate them on current lines you have to add an additional line per BOGO offer.

          • magenta3740572

            Re: Rebate card denied without reason

            I totally understand that. Before buying the phones, my account had 6 lines. Then I added 2 more new lines to my account to get new two phones. So basically I activated 1 note 8 and 1 iphone 8 plus on 2 of 6 existing lines and then rest of the phones on two new lines. So right now, I have totally 8 lines activated on my account. Each of 4 line sim cards are into these 4 phones.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Rebate card denied without reason

                Hey, magenta3740572!


                You're right, it would be helpful if they provided more specific info on why your rebate for the BOGO was denied. I'd love to help as much as possible (we do not have access to customer accounts) by going over all the requirements for that promotion to see what the hang up is.


                • Were the two phone purchased on EIP (equipment installment plan) or JOD (JUMP! OnDemand)?
                • What type of rate plan do you have and what data options do you have on the two lines that purchased the S8's?
                • Just to confirm, for both of the lines that purchased the S8, they are new activations, correct?


                Thanks in advance for getting back to me with the answers!

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Rebate card denied without reason

              Hey there!


              Were you able to get this sorted out. Amanda asked some great questions that can help us narrow down what happened with the the rebate. Please give us a reply back and let us know. Thanks!