T Mobile promotion tracking




    I am trying to track this promotion but it says there is no promotions that matcch the criteria..



    Can you help?


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

        Hey there! Good for you for saving that tracking number! Can you try visiting the Promotion Status section of the Promotion site here: T-Mobile Promotions and then entering the tracking number on the far right?


        • tmo_chris

          Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

          Some promotions will show a $0 value. Which promotion is this for?

            • magenta3771014

              Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

              The Samsung bogo offer

                • auigudf8

                  Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                  Hello, there...

                  Any hopes going on about your concern?



                    • magenta3771014

                      Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                      My rebate has yet to reach 2 months.....I am assuming the status chnge will update after a month. I will check again. Mine says submitted. There is a review and appove step still pending...

                        • tmo_chris

                          Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                          Thanks for clarifying magenta3771014,


                          The bogo promotion will show $0 but keep an eye on the tracking page for additional updates. The only cause for worry would be if the status changes to denied but even then, we will let you know for whatever reason it was denied.

                        • tmo_amanda

                          Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                          auigudf8, I know you've been waiting a while to get your promo issue full resolved. Chris recommended that you reach out to T-Force whom has a great track record of digging into the details to get this resolved. Have you already talked with them? If so, did they get your rebate and Carrier Freedom promos ironed out?

                            • auigudf8

                              Re: T Mobile promotion tracking


                              I have been out of the circle... Life happens ,)

                              Juggling stuffs and combine that to being a full-fledged father to my 4y/o daughter Amanda Cait. Yeah, life as surely does will happen.

                              I've tried to get a hold of support via calls (I am persistent aren't I) but, have been flown to few places like India, Europe and Asia. Funny... lol! I was just sharing my "trips" since I posted in the community forums about my situation.

                              I had my father came to town from my native the Philippines for my bday which ended 2 hours and 21 mins as I am writing this response to you (time check: 0222H 17th of Jan... Seattle time)

                              I only have this late hours to be with you Guys in the T-Mob community, please pardon me if it seemed I was on AWOL type thing.

                              Is this Amanda I am replying to or Chris or Marissa?

                              Anyhow, I need assistance (what do you expect, right?) On how to get to be in the guiding arms of the T-FORCE team, but still having a grasp on you guys in the community forum's wings.

                              If I were to leave my primary contact number for anyone from T-Force to get in touch will that be a smart move?

                              I will do so include it in my message after I get a reply for this one first.

                              I hope you understand. My recent ID theft case made me give any one my benefit of doubt with regards to leaving infos in the open. Although, I've been reckless when I dropped the ball in one of my posts in the forums.


                              Respectfully yours,

                              Aureleus Buenafe

                      • auigudf8

                        Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                        Hello! Magentaxxxx

                        Funny how we are addressed here...

                        Anyhow, this is my case and I know it is not new for y'all.

                        I have been thrown here and there. Hit a wall and another wall after another wall for my 2017 Mother's Day S8+ BOGO deal.

                        And there is still nothing as fas as "movement" of the said case, issue or problem.

                        I submitted my form for the rebate 3 days after my BOGO deal purchased at Kirkland Costco here in WA State. And the guys at the MS Commons Tmobile retail store helped me submit it together with the Carrier Freedom Claim from my previous carrier (AT&T). It only took me my wife and my really anxious poor 4 y/o girl a little over 1 hour for the guys to get my form submission through. It did not. Submission FAILED. Rebate submission Was not successful try at a later time; the TMOBILE rebate site screen message. I thought being an MS emp will give me extra privie - hehehe regarding the rebate and Carrier Freedom thingy, apparently not

                        I was then asked by them guys to leave them a copy of my Costco receipt and my last bill from AT&T for the rebate submission and the carrier freedom thing... and they will continue to send the submission themselves.

                        "Ahoy! There...!" When I got to check my TMobile bill for the month of July 2017 for the amount of $311 plus change (even on June was upwards of $311 plus change) I started to get a hold of TMobile here in the States and even in the Philippines. All CSR were baffled, but said they will take care of my case. Though, 3 (here in the States) of the 9 CSRs just told me sorry you missed the 30days grace period for the rebate claims because it was mid July then... All of them I begged for help; the other six from abroad were the ones who told me that they will do everything they can and will "escalate" me to the rebate department. Since there is a 16hours time zone difference I have to supplement the escalation by doing several call to the rebate dept. on the Eastside which is 3 hours TZ difference again from me.

                        I am tired of repeating my rants for the Nth times now. Story cut short... I am still waiting for that dang rebate and for the Carrier Freedom team to post anything

                        I have been paying unnecessary fees to my bank because of the charges above my expected $160/mo PROMISED BY TMOBILE when I made the switch or I must say, the reason for my change of service of 12 years with AT&T "for" Tmobile.


                        I hope I will find my resting grave here now in 2018 for this issue be resolved. Otherwise, I will no longer hold myself to file for INCONVENIENCE FEES just to cover the hundreds of fees I have to pay out of my pocket and my wife's to my bank because of the deliberate move of TMobile to charge me the 2 (FREE BOGO) phones. Hey, I don't know about you guys, but my household we are leaving on strict budget every month and this move by Tmobile to charge me extra without notice is unethical in my book on how to treat anybody - someone... or whatever deal has gone south with the CITI Mastercard BS that is why hundreds if not thousands are and still frustrated about their rebate and carrier freedom issue.


                        Chris and Marissa and (was that Laura?)

                        I am now begging you and a more powerful intercession from above or TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN...


                        Please.... and I thanks yous....


                        Aui Buenafe




                        I believe I forgot to say that the rebate department was not really helpful for all the times that I was on the phone with them (holding the line for 30mins the shortest).



                          • tmo_chris

                            Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                            Hey there auigudf8,


                            I know that a bogo and our carrier freedom reimbursement play a huge factor in your decision to switch to us and we want to make sure that you get the promotions you qualify and signed up for. I know you have spent more than your fair share of time on the phone with our care and rebate teams on this and I want to make sure this gets sorted out for you. Since your situation will still require us to pull up your account and review what happened, if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to send a direct message to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up and securely verify your account and take a look at what happened from the start to where we are now in addition to going over all of your available options.

                            • tmo_chris

                              Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                              Hey auigudf8,


                              Have you had the chance to speak with our T-Force team yet? 

                            • 15yos

                              Re: T Mobile promotion tracking

                              Hey there!


                              I've discovered that even if your rebate gets approved, your Offer Value on the Order Status screen may still show $0.00.  My recent one got approved and the reward amount is definitely NOT $0.00, but it still shows $0.00 on my main Order Status screen.


                              You've probably already discovered this, but the more/most reliable way to figure out what step your rebate is on is:


                              On your T-Mobile Promotions Order Status page, click the view link to the left of your offer in question.


                              This will open the page specifically for that offer you want to review and show you what step it's at.  If Approved, it will also show approximately how long it will take for the reward to get to you.


                              In my case, I submitted my BOGO reward application one month ago and it's been Approved and I should be receiving it in 2-3 weeks.

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