North Canton  /Akron Ohio Coverage & Speeds


    I am looking for some honest feedback on TMobile speeds and coverage in the North Canton/Akron Ohio area.

    What speeds are you getting on a speedtest in these areas? Also, how is the coverage? Do you have many drop calls and what about making and receiving phone calls inside of builds homes, schools, malls and suchs.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Great question! I haven't been in this area, so I'm sorry I can't provide much feedback about exact speedtest results. You can take a look at an exact address with our coverage map to get an idea of service you'll get in that area. What I'll also say is that Data speeds can vary depending on the signal you're getting and the location you're in. As much as we'd love to make sure you never get dropped calls, sometimes this can happen. This is commonly due to not having line of site to the towers and sometimes when you're in route (i.e. driving between tower coverage). Malls, schools, and some buildings can be challenging, but with coverage changes T-Mobile has been making over the years (and are continuing to make) in my opinion, indoor coverage has improved. My apologies again that I don't have a more specific on a personal experience for this area, but I did want to share some thoughts on things you can think about with coverage.

        • drnewcomb2

          Check out, and These are independent, crowd-sourced coverage maps.