EIP Payments?


    For some reason, T-Mobile forgot to reflect my Galaxy S7 installment plans monthly payment equipment charge immediately after I paid my bill, and this is the second time that it is happened to me, then I decided to call customer support and it was completely horrible that I never expected. I had to argued some of them over the phone because the way they explained it to me is completely wrong, and refused to acknowledge that they are wrong. Eventually, I have to hang up the phone to find someone else that can understand my situation and get down in the business.


    So before making any January payment, my Galaxy S7 installment plans balance remaining is $266.00 after December 2017 payments posted and reflected on the device IEP and data plan. Now after I paid my January bill which is $78.62 which cover my 2GB Data Plan ( $50 without tax), $20 monthly equipment charge, and $8.62 tax. After submitted $78.62 payment,  I make an additional  $21 payment toward my Galaxy S7 IEP as well, so my Galaxy S7 IEP remaining balance suppose to be $225.00 not $245.00 because $20 monthly equipment charge from $78.62 bill and additional $21 IEP I paid afterward. The way that the customer supports explained it to me that I only pay $21 additional, and no $20 monthly equipment charge at all like seriously? I even scratched my head as well.


    To break it down for more understanding.


    Galaxy S7 IEP after December 2017 payments posted and reflected: $266.00


    Account Monthly Payment: $78.62 ( 2GB Data Plan $50 without tax + $20 monthly equipment charge + $8.62 tax )


    Additional IEP Payment made by me: $21


    $266.00 IEP remaining after December 2017 payments posted and reflected - $20 monthly equipment charge January 2018 - $21 additional IEP payment toward my Galaxy S7 in January 2018 = $225.00 NOT $245.00.


    T-Mobile did reflected the manual additional $21 I submitted by myself immediately after submitted which brought my Galaxy S7 IEP remaining balance down to $245.00; however, it did not reflected the $20 monthly equipment charge to my Galaxy S7 IEP remaing balance.


    I make the payment today January 2nd 2018.

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      • snn555

        Re: EIP Payments?

        A total bill payment will reflect an hour or so maybe less after a payment is made but the EIP always seems to take a few days more. I am postpaid on ONE and have autopay. Seems like if I pay early the EIP doesn't change until after the autopay date passes.

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          • chrisp.bacon

            Re: EIP Payments?

            Well, if I make an additional EIP payment it will reflect immediately, but the EIP monthly charge on my $78.62 bill doesn't reflect at all after the payment went through. T-Mobile did reflected the $21 additional EIP I submitted by myself, but the $20 monthly EIP didn't reflect at all. If it reflected, my balance should be $225 not $245.


            Even calling customer representative, they will say I only make $20 EIP payment in this month, but I actually make $41 total EIP payment this month not $21.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: EIP Payments?

                Depending on if you have a standing bill, EIP payments will reflect as if they are going towards the balance and not the EIP. So long as you still pay the bill as it was printed, come the next cycle the EIP payment should reflect properly so long as it was applied as an EIP payment!